What Is My Purpose in Life?


What are you looking for in life

What are you looking for in life? Are you only after a better life? Are you just seeking some “choice” blessings from God? Are you looking to make someone love and care for you? Are you working your butt off for the “Good Life”? How does your life compare to the people in the Bible who waited on God expectantly?

Much of the Christian work we see all around us is related to materialism, the size of things, and their outward appearances. Ministries that seem to only do things to be seen, generally looking for immediate, instantaneous results. They are the least concerned with the eternal value of what they do, which is what God is most concerned about. God does not judge things by their size or by appearance. Nor does God look for instant remedies and big results.

The way that man chooses is often the popular way that pleases everybody. In the ministry and the work of God we are often pressured and compelled to go the same way the masses are going. Just because a ministry takes the name of the Lord before they do anything, and has a bunch of people in attendance, does not mean that what they do is initiated by God. We need to understand this. Everything we do as Christians, needs to, not only be initiated by God, but also continually led by God.

There are two kinds of works

there are works that are of God, and there are works that are of men. Therefore, and hear this well, there are two starting points, one of man and one of the Lord. The way of man is usually to start with largeness and greatness……giant sized publicity and organizational structures with glitz and glamour. Man tries to impress others so that they will be drawn to the bigness being displayed. This is how man usually starts when he is going to do something for God.

We are spiritual people going for big meetings, big crusades, and big seminars and conferences. I hear people say, “ our God is a mighty Big God and He is worthy of something gigantic and big. Do we really honor God by doing things in a BIG way? This may sound logical and reasonable, but it is actually full of deception. Certainly, God is worthy of our best efforts, but generally there is a hidden agenda in all that the carnal or humanistic man does. On the face of it, all he seems to do is for God’s Glory but the spirit behind all that he does points the honor and fame solely of himself.

Everything in life starts small

On the other hand, God’s beginnings are always humble, simple, and unnoticed. God brought something “small and insignificant” when he sent His Son to earth. He was born like any other baby but in a dirty, out of the way, “barn”. During Christmas season we like to call it a “Manger” and we pretty it up, but it was a dirty, stinking stable where animals were kept. God Almighty displayed the ultimate humility appearing in the form of a man and in the eyes of man being born as a “little” baby….Miraculous!

God’s beginnings are so small and appear so little. This is what we can observe throughout the Bible in the principle of “The Seed”. It starts out in God as such a small thing yet look at all the potential in that small seed. If you can receive it, God has planted that same “Seed” within you. And that is the “Seed” of Himself. It is “THAT” Seed containing God’s own creative power and potential that when cultivated and nourished develops meaning and purpose in your life.


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