20 Inspiring Messages to Take into New Year


It’s the beginning of a new year, full of promise and possibility. Maybe you have a good feeling about the year ahead and big plans to bring to life. Or maybe you’re coming out of one of the toughest years you’ve ever had, and you’re just hoping this year will hurt less than last.

I’ve been in both situations before, as I imagine we all have. But no matter our unique situations, a new year often brings a sense of rebirth and hope. Hope that things can change, or that we can change, or maybe that we can just change how we see things. So we can struggle less, enjoy more, and show up more often as the people we want to be.

With this in mind, I put together this collection of quotes that might comfort, encourage, uplift, and inspire you. I hope these messages help you start your day (and your year!) feeling good about yourself and what’s possible.

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