51 Simple Pleasures to Seek Out and Appreciate More Often


It’s easy to miss out on the simple pleasures that surround us each day. This is because they become routine and ordinary. Oftentimes, it is the good things around every day that we are first to forget. We forget to be thankful for them, we forget to appreciate them, and we forget to find pleasure in them.

But when we make an effort to focus on the simple pleasures around us each day, we become less inclined to chase happiness elsewhere. There is less need to go spend a lot of money on new possessions or fancy trips when we see happiness and joy everywhere we look.

To that end, it might be helpful to remind ourselves of some of the simple pleasures that cost nothing (or barely anything).

I want to encourage each of us, additionally, to not just notice these opportunities around us each day, but to seek them out and make time in each day to appreciate them even more.

Here’s a list of 51 simple pleasures available to each of us that cost almost nothing:

1. Watching the sunrise.

2. Looking up at the clouds.

3. A hot cup of fresh coffee.

4. Slow, deep breaths.

5. Getting up early and enjoying the quiet morning.

6. Cooking a new meal.

7. Fresh, clean bed sheets.

8. Laughing with a loved one.

9. Holding hands with someone you care about.

10. The refreshing taste of cold water.

11. A relaxing walk in nature.

12. Finding joy in a child’s smile.

13. Holding the door open for a stranger.

14. A comfy sweatshirt.

15. The simple calm of a tidy space.

16. Playing a game without screens.

17. Looking out a window.

18. Watching a squirrel or bird or fish.

19. Freshly brewed tea in the afternoon.

20. Looking closely at the leaves on a plant.

21. A quiet moment with a good book.

22. Crafting something by hand.

23. Writing a handwritten note or love letter.

24. Slowly savoring a piece of cheesecake.

25. A cool breeze on a warm day.

26. Sharing a slow meal with family or friends.

27. Listening to an old song.

28. Watching a movie with popcorn.

29. Listening to a loved one share a good story.

30. Donating things you don’t need to someone who does.

31. Baking cookies.

32. Watching a candle burn.

33. Accomplishing a chore that needs to get done.

34. The warmth of sunshine on your face.

35. Weekend brunch.

36. A warm bath or shower.

37. A fresh piece of fruit.

38. The challenge of a puzzle.

39. Playing with a child.

40. Gazing up at the moon and stars.

41. A short nap in the afternoon.

42. The joy of giving or receiving a compliment.

43. Smelling flowers.

44. Apple crisp.

45. The sound of silence after a busy day.

46. A warm hug.

47. Exercise.

48. A warm piece of bread.

49. Listening to the birds.

50. The smell of fresh cut grass.

51. The beauty of art.

As we go about our days, let’s make a conscious effort to make the ordinary extraordinary.

We live in a beautiful world full of beautiful people and beautiful opportunity. Sometimes, we just need to slow down and appreciate that more.

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