20 Reasons to Never Ever Part with Something You Own


Happy April 1st.

It is true, there are a lot of really good reasons to minimize our possessions. For example, when we own less, we are able to focus more of our life on things that matter.

Minimalism saves money, time, focus, and energy. Owning less means less stress and more freedom. And those are definitely wonderful things that everybody would benefit from!

But that’s not to say that there aren’t also reasons to keep all the stuff we don’t need.

In fact, here are 20 reasons to never ever part with an item you own:

1. It Was Expensive.

Sure, keeping that item around your home makes you feel continually bad about the purchase and the wasted money. But keeping the item around, hopefully with the price tag still on it, serves as a helpful reminder of your ability to make poor financial decisions.

2. You’re Going to Sell it Someday.

The more items you stockpile, the more successful that garage sale is going to be—you know, the one you’ve been planning for the past five years.

3. It’s a Spare for Your Spare’s Spare.

One can never have too many duplicates. On the off-chance you get holes in ten pairs of pants in the same week, you’ll be glad you had that 11th pair in the very back of your closet.

4. Somebody Bought It For You.

And that’s the thing about a gift, you’re required to keep it forever! No leeway.

5. It’s a Collector’s Item.

Those Beanie Babies, baseball cards, and Longaberger baskets were supposed to be worth a lot of money by now. And even though they aren’t, holding on to them is probably easier than admitting you were wrong.

6. You Might Need It Someday.

I mean, true, you don’t need it now and haven’t needed it for the last who-knows-how-many years. But maybe, just maybe, tomorrow will be that day (and there will be no other possible solutions available to you).

7. It Could Be Fixed.

Not by you, of course, or you would have already fixed it. But one day, you’ll definitely learn electronic repair, woodworking, and/or textile weaving. I mean, there must be some way to get it working again, right? Until then, your broken items are just potential projects.

8. You Might Fit Into It Again.

Those pants looked great on you in high school, no doubt. And it would be awesome to wear them again. Granted, that was before kids and 10 lbs. ago. Holding on to them is a testament to your optimism.

9. It’s Part of a Set.

Or, at least, it used to be.

10. It’s a Conversation Starter.

Because there’s no better way to kick off a party than with the sentence, “Did you know I still own over 100 DVDs?”

11. It’s Exercise Equipment.

Like that treadmill now serving as a high-end clothes rack. It’s the thought that counts.

12. You Don’t Know What It Does.

And if you’re not sure what that kitchen tool is supposed to be used for, what lock that key fits, or what electronic item that cord is for, you can bet you’ll know where to look when you need it.

13. Someone Else Can Do It For You.

There’s no need to go through your own attic, basement, or garage if someone else will happily do it when you’re gone. I’m sure that’s exactly the way they’ll want to spend their time immediately after you pass.

14. You Wore It Once.

And you might wear it again if invited to the exact same type of themed costume party.

15. It’s Your “Someday” Hobby Kit.

It’s been your dream for so many years. Why give up on it now? It’s clearly a hobby you’ll absolutely, definitely pick up someday.

16. Everyone Else Has One.

You know, of course, to be careful when following the masses because sometimes the “m” is silent. But not the things you’ve purchased over the years! You only followed the fads and trends that brought actual value into your life.

17. You Deserve It.

You worked hard, became successful, and earned the money to buy lots and lots of really nice things. Keep them all. You earned them.

18. It’s a Symbol From The Past.

Cling to that decade-old concert T-shirt because it’s your only proof you were once cool and those boxes of souvenirs represent all the trips you took. It’s your past experiences that made you who you are today, not the physical objects from that period in your life. But who wants to just display those experiences by the way you live when you can keep the relics in a box in the basement?

19. You’ve Got the Space.

Rooms are meant to be filled, aren’t they? If you’ve got room in the closet and it’s not hurting anybody, you should totally, definitely keep it.

20. It’s Part of Your Identity.

Without your vast collection of things, how will anyone know you’re the person who keeps everything?

Reflecting on all these reasons why we convince ourselves, over and over again, to keep everything, I can’t help but wonder if perhaps the real April Fools’ joke is on us.

Why have human beings become so accustomed to the rationalizations we tell ourselves to fill our spaces, acquire more, and then eventually search for even more places to store our stuff?

We’re better than that and life is more important than the things that we own.

Today, and each day forward, let’s choose to live counter-cultural, intentional lives—filling our lives with meaning, not things.

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