9 Ways to Spice Things Up without Changing Your Set Routine


You’ve likely heard the word “salt” a million times in your life. Everyone knows what it means, and it can be overwhelming to think about how much you use it every day.

In the same way that you use salt every day, it’s easy to keep things the same in your routine and stick to the same old routines, day after day.

When you have an established set of activities and routines that keep you on a certain schedule, change can be difficult.

Routine is often blessed, it can save you time, but sometimes, it can become inhibiting and boring.

However, it’s good to make changes in life now and then. It adds spice and interest to life.

Changing up things once in a while will not only provide variety, but also help you break from your normal habits. This will help you start thinking more creatively again.

The key to it is doing the same things, but differently.

Ways to Spice up Your Life without Changing Your Routine

There are times when we need to bring some spice, excitement and interest into our routine.

Some people like to switch up their routine at the beginning of the year to keep themselves motivated, while others like to switch up their routine at other times, to give them a break from daily ordinary life.

Regardless of the season and time, it’s important to make sure you switch things up for your routine. You can choose to do so at any time you wish. This can be occasionally, or even every day.

Here are nine ways to get out of your rut without changing your entire routine.

1. Switch up Your Work Routine

Changing your work routine can be beneficial. There are various ways to change it, such as:

  • Choosing a different route to your work.
  • Getting out a little earlier to work, so that you enough time to grab a cup of coffee.
  • Changing the position of your desk.
  • Hanging some photos around you
  • Doing your job in a different way.
  • Delegating some of your work to other workers.
  • Setting up priorities.

These are just a few examples to let you understand what I mean. You can find many more ideas to change your work routine, depending on the kind of job you have.

2. Change Your Workout Routine

Doing the same exercises, and going through the same routine when you workout at the gym, might became boring at times. You need to spice things up a little.

In this regard, you can change the routing of the exercises, change the days you go to the gym, or even take a rest for a few days.

You can also change the routine by exercising at a different hour of the day.

Adding some variety to your diet, or exploring different fitness classes are also some options to spice things up.

3. Change the Music You Play while working out

One of the most common ways to keep your routine fresh is to change out your music. Mix it up and try something new, like trying a different genre of music that you’ve never tried before.

Another way is to change the music you listen to while working out with your headphones or when taking a walk outside.

4. Take Some Time to Rest and Relax

It’s important to take a break from what you are doing every day. This can help prevent you from getting burned out and give you the opportunity to recharge and re-evaluate your motivation.

When you do the same job and stick to the same routine, behavior and habits, day after day, it’s easy to get bored, frustrated, and lose motivation.

Taking a break once in a while out will provide you with the opportunity to re-evaluate your motivation and see if you are ready to continue.

Taking a day off can help you evaluate your life and your actions. It can help you think more calmly about your life and decide to take a different approach. It can also help you re-energize yourself.

During the day off you can do something you always wanted to do but had no time to do it. You can try taking up a new hobby, or reading a book to get yourself energized.

5. Plan an Adventure with Friends

It’s important to plan away from your normal routine, especially if you have been going to the same places year after year. If you’ve been going to the same places, like the same restaurants, bars, and clubs, you might want to consider switching things up.

Instead of going to the same places all the time, consider going to a new or different kind of place.

Plan an adventure with your friends that doesn’t involve visiting your usual spots.

Plan an adventure that involves heading outside of your normal routine.

Do something with your friends that involves visiting a new type of place, like a museum, historical site, or even a farmers’ market.

6. Try a New Kind of Food or Drink

Changing up the types of food you eat can help you break from your routine. A lot of people get stuck in a certain routine and aren’t open to trying new things.

If you are one of those people, you can change up the types of food that you eat by eating something new.
Changing the types of food that you eat is a great way to break from your routine and try something new.

7. Give Playing Games a Try

Another great way to break from your routine is to try your hand at playing a game.

When you are used to doing things a certain way, it can be difficult to try something new. However, playing a game where there is no winner or loser can help break you out of your routine.

You can try a game where you try to complete challenges, work together with friends, or play a board game.

8. Start Practicing Meditation

One of the best ways to break from your routine is to try meditation.

The key to practicing meditation is to commit to it. Even if you don’t feel like it, you need to make sure that you are putting in the time to practice meditation. The best way to make sure that you are practicing meditation is to make a daily schedule.

There are many meditation teachers and meditation course you can find in your vicinity, or you can try one of the meditation techniques taught here on this website.

9. Incorporate Positive Thinking into Your Life

Another great way to break from your routine is to incorporate some positive thinking into your life.

There are definitely times when you need to get away from the bad things and focus on the good things.

Try to incorporate some positive thinking during the week when you are trying to break away from your routine.

If you have been thinking negatively, it might take some time and effort to switch your thinking into positive thinking. However, this is possible and the rewards and benefits are great.

One way to do so is to become more aware of your thoughts, and when you catch yourself thinking a negative thought, immediately switch into a positive thought. This is actually the main aim of the book ‘Positive Thinking‘, which you can find at this website.

You can find more information about this technique in the articles about positive thinking on this website.

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to get stuck in your routine and miss out on the benefits of change.

It’s important to switch things up from time to time. Doing this, will prevent you from getting bored and help you stay motivated.

Doing things, a little differently from what you are used to, helps you get out of your comfort zone and add spice, enthusiasm and motivation to your life. The key to it is doing the same things, but differently.

It’s important to switch up your routine and try new things. This would bring happiness, enthusiasm, interest and motivation into your life.

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