Balancing of the Scales at Harvest Balancing of the Scales at Harvest


Have you ever felt envious of someone? Like wow, why do they seem to get what they want when I am struggling to make ends meet or find my way? That’s so unfair! If you’ve ever felt this way, I wrote this blog, Balancing of the Scales at Harvest, for you and for anyone else who feels like the Universe has turned its back on them. 

I call this the evening of the scales or the balancing of timelines. Remember that at harvest the scales balance in divine order and remind us that what is empty will fill again, and what is full will empty again. That is the law. I came into this lifetime in 1973 having died very young a few decades earlier in my most recent lifetime before this one and continued asking for my grandmother until I was about three years old. I was frustrated that I couldn’t find her and kept asking my mom where she was. WHERE IS SHE? My mom was so frustrated with me. “I have no idea who Grandma Ball is!” she would tell me over, and over, and over again. The Universe granted me a very loving and overprotective mother in this lifetime who would never let me fall in harm’s way. That itself was a balancing.  

One day, in 1976, I stopped asking for Grandma Ball to come and get me. They say that past life memories stay with us until the world interferes and we get anchored in our current timeline, which is about age 2-3 for humans in 3D. But I remember my mom talking to me about “Grandma Ball” until I was much older, and still feeling sorry that she couldn’t help me find her. She could sense the desperation in my voice. I knew I was right where I was meant to be, with her, in this new continuum. She was healing my loss.

When Zoe was 2 she told me the same story of her last lifetime over, and over, and over again until about age 4 and then never mentioned it again. She died in her last lifetime before this one when she walked across a frozen pond and fell in, and her family could not find her. It was haunting. I felt helpless. These souls come into us for a new experience, still – at least in the early stages – clinging to what was, and hoping we can help them either find that lifetime or make sense of the one they are in now. I was here now, as her mom, just like my mom was here now, as my mom, ready to help balance the scales. We couldn’t erase the fear and loss, but we could buffer and nurture it, soften and anchor it. And make right what had been lost in other dimensions.

I’d like to help you, if you’re a jealous person, to think more broadly about balance. Some people come into this current timeline out of intense loss. Death at early ages, loss of parents or grandparents at early ages, quick passages due to untimely death, and often I find that those souls are granted favor in this current timeline to balance the scales. If they died early, they live longer; if they lost their parents, they have a solid family system here that works for them. If you are missing these things – success, family, stability – it’s easy to be jealous of others who have those things unless you understand that they likely came from a lifetime without those things, and in my experience agreed to come back and ‘have it all’ to right the scales of balance and time. If we judge people for having more than us, or too much, we are looking at their lives solely through a 3D space-time lens. We are not remembering that all of us have a lengthy set of timelines of energies to reconcile. Because that is how the Universe works.

I’d like to propose that those with harder lives are often also balancing scales, righting wrongs, making amends. In this human timeline, it is so hard to understand why some prosper while others suffer, but in the grand scheme, it all makes some cosmic sense. If we can hold space perhaps that what we see here is not “all there is.”

May this wisdom bless you and broaden your perspective. Remember, we are here to do this work together – not at odds – and at the end of the day, we are all walking each other home, to the Oneness that connects All across space, time, and pathways.

Amen, A’ho, and So it is

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