Does Positive Thinking Mean Cheating Yourself?


Does positive thinking mean pretending that everything is okay when it is not okay?

Does it mean that when you think in a positive way you are actually cheating yourself and pretending that everything is okay?

Read on to discover what positive thinking is and what it isn’t.

Myths and Misunderstanding about Positive Thinking

Most people confuse positive thinking with being passive, and just believing and hoping that things would improve.

Positive thinking is not a state of passive hope.

If you’re just hoping that your life and your plans are going to turn out okay, it’s not enough. If you don’t truly believe that you are going to accomplish what you want, there is no positive thinking.

Hope is great as long as you truly believe that what is what you hope is going to come true, and take action too,

There is the other extreme, of thinking and believing that everything would be all right, without taking any positive action.

Just smiling, and living in a high mood is not true positive thinking.

Some think that positive thinking people just cheat themselves, by believing that things are going to be okay, while ignoring the bad things in their life.

Positive thinking does not mean that everything is okay. You can have problems, obstacles and difficulties, but it’s your decision how to relate to them.

You Can Choose Your Attitude

If you stay passive, keep thinking negative thoughts, and don’t expect that anything is going to improve, you are choosing negative thinking.

You just stay in the same place, live the same kind of life, and keep on suffering without making any change.

However, if you choose positive thinking, you do not just hope, you take positive action. For positive thinking to work you need to do whatever you can to pursue your goals, plans or anything that you want to improve.

It’s not that you just hope that things will be okay, and ignore your real life. It means that you are so confident that things are going to be okay and you take positive action to change them.

And if things don’t turn out well you still stay with the same attitude of feeling okay about yourself.

Let me give you a simple example from daily life to explain what the right attitude toward positive thinking should be.

When you go to the kitchen and open the tap to pour water into a glass, do you doubt that there will be water pouring out of the tap?

Do you have worries or doubts about it?

No, you take it for granted that water will run out of the tap when you turn it on.

You go to the tap and turn it on without even thinking about the possibility that there will be no water. You are so sure about it and have no doubts.

This is how positive thinking should be.

Confidence and Inner Strength

True positive thinking involves confidence and inner strength.

It means that you do not fear obstacles. It means that you realize and know that you might face problems and obstacles, but they do not daunt you.

If you fail, and sometimes, everyone fails at something, you do not let it disturb your mind or make you give up.

You study the situation and the mistakes you made and try again.

Positive thinking gives you the confidence and inner strength to continue, even if everyone else does not believe in you.

It gives you the energy, motivation and passion to pursue your goals.

Benefits of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking doesn’t mean that there will be no problems, obstacles or difficulties in your life. However, you will not allow them to let you down.

Even people in dire situations can benefit from a little positivity. This attitude would help them stay poised and confident, instead of worrying and suffering.

This attitude helps you to replace negative thoughts and feelings with positive ones, making you a happier and a more positive person.

It enables you to see the bright side of life and enjoy life more.

Always Take Positive Action

Positive thinking, combined with taking positive action, is one of the keys of success.

Feel and believe that everything will turn out okay, but also do something to make these feelings and thoughts come true.

For best results, combine positive thinking with action. Do not just wait for things to improve, do something about it.

The Right Attitude for Winning

Positive thinking is the right attitude for winning in life.

Discipline, perseverance and positive thinking will take you almost anywhere you wish to go.

Make clear plans, and be confident that they will work out. Do whatever you can to make your plans come true in a positive way, so that you and your environment benefit from them.

True positive thinking is not a lip service, and is not about cheating yourself. It’s about being confident, happy and spreading light around you. This attitude gives you the motivation to go on and also motivates the people around you to do the same.

Positive thinking is not an attitude of daydreaming, lack of common sense and closing your eyes to reality.

On the contrary, it means that you are aware of the problems and obstacles you are facing, but keep going on, in spite of them. You stay confident and do not let them take you down. You are confident that you will overcome them.

Instead of dwelling on the bad things in your life, you focus on how you want your life to be, and do something about it.

As you see, positive thinking is not cheating yourself that everything will be okay. It is an attitude that can help you make things okay. It helps you overcome difficulties, focus on the positive, and attract the good things into your life.

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