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What does female power mean to you? What defines it? Is it femininity? Courage? Beauty? To fully embrace your feminine power, you have to tap into your most primal instinct. Who are you truly? If you take away the makeup, the clothes, the social media presence, what remains? Think of female-dominated animal species: The regal lioness, the powerful queen bee, the assassin-like praying mantis. Below, I’m showcasing some of nature’s finest examples to get you inspired to embrace your own goddess spirit animal! Which one do you feel a connection to? Which one do you need to guide you? Which one will help you invoke your inner feminine power? In honor of Women’s Day, I encourage you to seek the female spirit animal within you and channel her strength.

What’s your goddess spirit animal? 

Komodo Dragon

“I don’t need no man!” says the Komodo dragon. The female Komodo dragon is so liberated that she doesn’t need a mate to procreate. Komodo dragons go through a process called parthenogenesis in which the females develop eggs without fertilization. Komodo dragons are the ultimate independent women.


Elephants live in a peaceful, matriarchal society that survives generations. The oldest and largest female of the herd is the head, as she presides, leads, and guides over her family. Elephants are extremely intelligent animals with incredible memories. Elephant herds are mostly made up of mothers, daughters, and sisters. As the herd grows, the youngest expand outwards and form new herds. Because of their exceptional memory and guidance received by the head cow (female elephant), these members never forget their roots and keep track of their relatives through verbal and instinctual communication and connection. Female elephants are solely responsible for the expansion and survival of their kind.

Queen Bee

I couldn’t write this blog without including the powerful queen bee! The honey bee society is incredibly matriarchal, as the hive is filled with female worker bees. These worker bees choose their queen and raise her. Males (drones) only exist for sex, and once they have mated with the queen, they die. The queen bee regulates the unity of the entire hive and lays eggs. She is the only female with fully developed ovaries.

Topi Antelope

During mating season, the female topi antelope dominates the game. It’s the female that hunts the male for sexual encounters. And because the female topi antelope is fertile one day a year, competition with other females is fierce and urgent. They essentially hound their mates to the point of exhaustion! Female topi antelopes can also break up matings between their rivals or past mates. You thought you had competition?


While the king of the jungle snoozes on his rock, the lionesses of the pride hunt (because they’re so much better at it). Talk about a progressive society! Females also defend their territory and cubs against predatory males. Lionesses are known to stay in the area they were born, which gives them an advantage when it comes to understanding their community, land, and hunting grounds. Lionesses are the defenders, the creators, and the heart and soul of their pride.


Orcas are the deadliest of dolphin species and are led by matriarchal females who are responsible for orca survival. Female orcas are complex and knowledgeable as they quickly adapt and familiarize with their environment to track their food and take care of the young. Orcas can live up to 90 years! Ageism does not exist in Orca society, as the young have greater survival rates under the presence and leadership of older female orcas.

Spotted Hyena

The female spotted hyena is the stronger, more dominant gender. They are larger than the males, which is saying something because the spotted hyena is the largest hyena species in the world. Dominant females lead clans of 100 hyenas! Even the lowest ranking female is higher in society than the male. The most significant sign of domination is in their physical form, exceeding their role in the clan. The female spotted hyena’s clitoris is so long that it resembles a penis and is also capable of an erection. Not only that, but she urinates, copulates, and EVEN GIVES BIRTH through her “penis.” There is no other female mammal like the spotted hyena. She is truly unique.

Naked Mole-Rat

Naked mole-rats, like bees, are commanded by a queen. With their thick, translucent skin, sharp teeth, and hairless bodies, female mole-rats live in colonies underground. The dominant queen is the sole breeder and in her society, she prevents all other females from breeding. The queen even physically shoves other female colony members out of her way. She chooses several chosen mates, who gradually become heavier than the non-breeding males due to their increase in testosterone. The dominance of the queen is SO powerful that it affects the other females resulting in their decreased hormones. However, when a female mole-rat leaves the colony, her sexual characteristics and hormones come back.


Imagine men who are afraid of sex! The powerful and aggressive female octopus often eats the male for nourishment after mating. The male octopus is intelligent and tries to make his escape after mating by jumping on the back of the female and swimming away. To their benefit, in the species where the female is a sexual cannibal, the males develop longer tentacles designed to help them escape the hungry female. Female octopuses can have their cake and eat it too!

Praying Mantis

Speaking of scary mating habits, the female praying mantis is the ultimate sexual carnivore. The female praying mantis is a deadly hunter; her prey is her mate, who actually sacrifices himself for the greater good. After mating, the male praying mantis allows the female to eat him to increase her reproduction advantage. However, if there aren’t many males around, one male praying mantis will father many offspring before being consumed.

In Closing

It’s important, as a woman, to know and understand where our unique power lies. How it’s different from men, and why it’s important to embrace it. We are exceptionally powerful after all. However, it’s also important to understand that men and women are both made up of a combination of masculine and feminine energy. The two can, and should, exist in harmony within every one of us. The masculine and feminine don’t take away from one another – in fact, they feed and strengthen one another. In the animal kingdom, the male doesn’t exist without the female and vice versa. In nature, we all embody feminine and masculine traits, and when we bring them into balance, we have the profound power to heal the Earth. This Women’s Day, recognize your power and invoke your feminine spirit animal, but don’t forget to create a balance. I wish all of you a happy Women’s Day!

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