Goddess Guide: 5 Rituals for Rebirth


The Wheel of the Year is turning 🍃

On March 20, the Sun will cross the equator, marking the Northern Hemisphere’s transition from winter into spring. This phenomenon is known as the Spring Equinox, and on this day, we’ll be led through a gateway – one that leads from a world of darkness into a vast, sunlit landscape of unlimited possibility. What awaits you on the other side of this portal? What seeds are stirring within you, waiting to push through the soil and bloom? Only time will tell – but until then, I’ll show you 5 Rituals for Rebirth, to purify and nourish your spirit as you prepare for spring.

Ease into Emergence

There’s nothing more magical than birth: When a single soul and the world first meet. This is the energy of spring. As we move deeper into the year, the Sun gently pulls us from the womb of winter, and we open our eyes for what feels like the first time. The rebirth we go through in spring is exciting, but it’s important to give yourself the time and space to ease into it. Think of the way we treat babies. We don’t rush them into talking and walking as soon as they’re born! Growth is a gradual process, and the more present you are to your needs throughout your journey, the further you’ll be able to go. Here are 5 rituals that will help ease you into your rebirth:

5 Rituals for Rebirth

5 rituals for rebirth1. Create space. Now’s a powerful time to weed out what no longer serves you, so set a day to de-clutter: Physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Donate items you don’t use anymore, smudge yourself and your sacred space, and meditate on what energies you’re releasing as the seasons change. By creating both physical and spiritual space, you’ll make room for new energy to flow into your life.

2. Plant seeds. Root your intentions for spring into the Earth by planting seeds. It can be as simple as planting a small herb garden to go next to your kitchen window! As you plant your seeds, think of what you wish to see grow in the coming months – a creative project, your relationships, your finances, or whatever your heart desires. Infuse your intentions into the soil, and think of them every time you water your plants.

3. Spend time in nature. Warmer weather grants a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with Gaia. Go for a stroll outside and observe the birth taking place all around you – in the trees, flowers, and animals. Meditate outdoors, or invite a group of loved ones to join you for lunch at the park. Soak up the sunshine and feel it strengthening your body and spirit.

4. Call on the magic of fire. The fire element resonates with energies of vitality, creativity, power, and purity. Invoke its magic with candles or even a bonfire. As you gaze at the flames, feel your inner fire being awakened, preparing to bring all you desire to life. Write down any limiting thought patterns you wish to release on a piece of paper, then burn it. Envision those stagnant energies being sent back into the universe to be transformed.

5. Build a spring altar. Building an altar is a beautiful way to call the magic of spring into your very own sacred space. Incorporate your favorite magical tools – gemstones, candles, oils, herbs, or whatever stimulates feelings of growth and fertility for you. Be sure to work with tools that correspond with the season; you can find my favorites for March below! And click here for more guidance on how to build an altar.

Cosmic Rebirth: Your March Astrological Forecast 🌛🌝🌜

March is packed with astrological activity that will propel your spiritual rebirth! Here are just a few of the transits you can look forward to in the coming weeks, and how you can best work with their energy.

Rebirth is in the stars_Meme (1)– March 1: Venus enters Aquarius. Have you been showing up in the world as your most authentic self? Or do you often put on a mask, in the hopes of “fitting in”? When Aquarius and Venus unite, they encourage you to love yourself in your most authentic form. During this transit, you’ll likely feel called to revamp your style and relationships, in ways that align more deeply with who you truly are.

– March 5: Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces. If your world has been looking a little lackluster, this retrograde will shine a light of imagination and hope! Mercury is the planet of thinking and communication, and in Pisces, an emphasis is placed on all things dreamy and mystical. This retrograde will last until March 28, and it’s a wonderful time to reconnect with your inner child – the hopeful, innocent part of you whose vision knows no bounds.

– March 6: Uranus enters Taurus. What makes you feel “worthy”? Your job, your appearance, the things that you own? Taurus is all about self-worth, and Uranus wants to shake up anything that’s become old or stagnant. If your sense of self stems from anything that isn’t authentic, this seven-year transit will grant you the opportunity to rewrite that story.

– March 20: Spring Equinox/Sun enters Aries. The first sign of the zodiac, Aries is THE sign of rebirth. This cardinal fire sign brings the magic of courage and initiation. While the majority of us sit back, think, debate, avoid, or just take our sweet time, Aries just does it. Channel this energy and surrender to the fire! Let your rebirth happen, in whatever way it wants to.

Get Your Phoenix Rising: My Favorites for March

March Correspondences Meme

Chakra: Root, Sacral, Solar. By activating these chakras, you’ll harness the stability, willpower, and creative drive needed to manifest your visions this spring. To learn more about chakras, click here.
Tarot: The Fool – The first of the Major Arcana, The Fool represents innocence, new beginnings, and unlimited potential. Who knows what the future could hold? This card encourages you to walk into your new world with faith, openness, and curiosity.
Spirit Animal: Dragonfly – The dragonfly is known around the world as an emblem of transformation. This creature invites you to reflect on what changes need to be made in order to evolve into a more authentic and empowered you.
Gems: Carnelian, fire agate, labradorite, garnet, chiastolite
Oils: Cardamom, cypress, galbanum, nutmeg

With that, I’m wishing you all a beautiful and transformative transition into spring! May you use this time to awaken to your deepest magic and power.

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