Goddess Guide: 2 Ways to Experience More Peace in Your Daily Life


It’s no secret that life can be very difficult. Most of us are constantly juggling our need to survive with the equally deep drive to create and connect. In our efforts to do so we come up against setbacks, losses, and conflicts that are sometimes so discouraging they break our hearts or leave us with lingering resentments. The idea of somehow creating lasting peace in our lives can seem lofty and unattainable. Peace is a HUGE concept and is often associated with desirable but intimidating aspirations like spiritual bliss and a world without wars. So how can you achieve it for yourself? 

First of all, what does peace mean to you? Peace is defined in the dictionary as “freedom from disturbance; tranquility.” If your definition seems out of reach, change it. I think many of us regard peace in the same way we do happiness – a feeling that we’ll finally reach that will last forever, and if we can’t or it doesn’t, something is wrong with us and our lives. It’s important to remember that, like happiness, peace generally isn’t a perpetual state, but one that is largely affected by how you are engaging with yourself and the world around you. You have the power to create more peace in your life and the healing and expansion that accompanies it. In this blog, I’ll share 2 ways to experience more peace in your daily life.

1) Peace through acceptance

Sometimes it feels as though life tosses us some real rotten apples. And they keep piling up. Feeling overwhelmed and upset with the state of our relationships, career, or health, we marinate in stress and emotional unrest. We fight against these situations, and the struggles continue. What if you started accepting them? I don’t mean in a passive way, where you give up and let them take over your life. I’m talking about acknowledging and accepting the fact that they exist – this is the first real step. Living in denial over a situation, numbing yourself through escapist tendencies, or projecting your anger or guilt about it onto others as a coping mechanism gets you nowhere, and is the equivalent of surrendering your power. Take a deep breath and see things as they are. Leave blame and shame out of this as best you can. Once you allow yourself to survey things honestly, you can then decide how you want to move forward. This initiatory action may not solve things, but it can ease the angst and tension surrounding it.

2) Peace through emotional release

Emotions affect our physical and spiritual wellness. I’ve discussed this in my classes for years and continue to live this truth myself. Even the modern medical community acknowledges the connection, with the American Academy of Family Physicians stating that “poor emotional health can weaken your body’s immune system,” resulting in a greater propensity for colds and infections, and increasing neglect of basic care and maintenance of the body. Your emotions are part of what makes you a whole, functioning being. When your heart aches with loss, your guts roil with rage, or your mind is numbed by despair, the rest of you takes on the impact as well, in ways you can’t always predict. Allowing yourself to experience your feelings without judgment is an important part of any healing process. Sometimes certain emotions you’re holding may feel dangerous; at times like this, you can find a “safe” way to express them – hitting or screaming into pillows, sobbing in the shower, writing letters and burning them, journaling, and breathwork, to name a few. The key is to get them up and moving through you until their energy diminishes or transmutes into something softer and more supportive. Stuck, stagnant emotional energy can be bad news for your body, mind, and heart. Be your own caregiver and release the emotions that no longer serve you.

Your Monthly Cosmic Forecast ✨🌟✨

The theme of this blog is peace and we’re entering a phase of even more Capricorn energy, which isn’t always easy, to say the least. One thing we can learn from Capricorn is the value of integrity. By integrity, I mean living honestly and in alignment with our truest selves. When our actions align with our principles and beliefs and we “do as we say” a deep inner peace arises within. Living by your own code of virtue, truth, goodness, or whatever you like to call it, is healing because it eases the tension. Tension exists when there’s pressure or stress between things. Alignment is an antidote to tension because it unifies all things with something greater. In spirituality, this is a higher purpose. 

When transiting Jupiter joins Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, we’ll have more opportunities to see where and how we’re out of alignment. We need to “walk our talk” and be more careful about what we say in the first place. The key to future peace is in how we respond to these realizations. Individually and collectively, this is a time to account for our shortcomings, set new meaningful goals, and commit to working them into reality.  

December 2 – Jupiter Enters Capricorn (until December 19, 2020): Times are changing! Jupiter enters Capricorn after a year in Sagittarius, setting a new sobering theme for 2020. The next year isn’t one we can just skate through or rise above. If there’s not a solid foundation, the bottom’s likely to fall out. Serious work and a new level of integrity are required. It starts with each of us, so do what you can to be honest, realistic, productive, and accountable.  

December 9 – Mercury Enters Sagittarius (until December 28): If you want your life to be different, you have to think differently. While Mercury transits Sagittarius, it’s easier to shift perspective – so let’s do it! Change your thought patterns by looking beyond your current circumstances. Switch the channel to where you want to be and let your mind live there. It won’t be long until everything else follows.  

December 11- Full Moon in Gemini: The more you’re able to see there are two sides to everything, the less you’ll need to force any single truth. It doesn’t mean you give up something you believe in, you just make room for other perspectives. Work with this Full Moon in Gemini to be more FLEXIBLE… it opens all kinds of possibilities.

December 12 – Chiron Direct: Chiron turns direct, nudging the master healer and teacher in all of us forward. Through your healing journey, you’ve developed unique medicine. Are you receiving it for yourself? Are you sharing it with others? This is the time to activate your remedies and wisdom! 

December 19 – Venus Enters Aquarius (until January 13): Venus is a lover, and in Aquarius, she’s no less, but without those “strings” attached. Venus in Aquarius loves freedom and loves to give it in return. Commitment doesn’t have to mean constant text messages and emotional overtures. If you need more space for yourself and a little less intense connection with your loved ones, it’s OK. Just let them know, so they won’t think you left them hanging.  

December 21 – Sun enters Capricorn / Winter Solstice: Capricorn season begins at the Winter Solstice, and this sign sets the bar high. Accountability and responsibility are Capricorn keywords and if we all took them to heart, and acted on them, planet Earth would be a very different place. How are you stepping up to make a positive impact on the world around you?     

December 25 – New Moon (Annular Solar Eclipse) in Capricorn: With the New Moon conjunct Jupiter, our intentions get the green light, are even unstoppable… so make sure you’re clear on what you want and ask for. If it takes time and work, no problem. Capricorn is up to the task. If your heart tells you it’s worth it, get that ball rolling. 

December 28 – Mercury Enters Capricorn (until January 16): Of all signs, Capricorn is the authority and likes to sound like it. Over the next few weeks, we could all get a little bossy in our talk and need to have the last word. Be mindful of telling others how it “should” be done and of “should” altogether. This is a reminder to take responsibility for what comes out of your mouth. Your words, and how you say them, have a major impact on yourself and others. Choose wisely and kindly.

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My Favorites for December

Chakra: Crown. This chakra is located at the top of the head. Its color correspondence is purple. The Crown Chakra resonates with wisdom, connection to the spiritual realms, and attunement with the universe. This is the chakra to focus on if you’re feeling spiritually disconnected or have lost your faith, especially in humanity. If you tend to be “in the clouds” all the time, your Crown Chakra may be overactive and you may need grounding in your lower chakras. The Crown chakra influences the pineal gland, brain stem, spinal cord, and biological cycles – including sleep. The function of the Crown Chakra is driven solely by the pursuit of higher states of consciousness and is associated with the Violet Ray, the light of compassion and angelic protection. Violet has the highest frequency in the visible spectrum, and what is beyond violet is invisible to the human eye. You can envision the light of the Violet Ray beaming from your Crown Chakra to experience deeper spiritual unity.

Tarot: The Star XVII. This card is about healing and renewal. Following the sometimes nuclear-shakeup of The Tower card, The Star is an invitation into the cleansing waters of refreshment, a return to fundamentals, and the hope and promise of a new beginning for yourself, fortified by the wisdom gleaned from the challenges and losses that have come before. Associated with the sign of Aquarius, the water bearer, you see the naked, carefree figure serenely pouring her healing, life-giving waters onto the ground and back into a body of water. The redistribution of this precious resource is generous, unhurried and tranquil. The Star card urges you to recognize that you’re part of something greater, connected to the energies of the cosmos, and the creative impulse of life itself. When you embrace the peace after a personal storm, you can let the waters wash over you, purify you, remind you of your essential nature, and renew your trust in the abundance of the universe.

Spirit Animal: Dove. The Dove has been a significant symbol in many cultures over thousands of years. Representing peace and feminine energy, this beautiful and gentle bird embodies a sense of hope and healing. It has numerous associations with the water element, especially its mournful song, which suggests internal waters and stirred emotions. The dove’s voice is often referred to as “rain song”, invoking new waters of life, refreshment, and renewal. The Pueblo Indians believed that its song indicated the presence of a water source, and relied on doves as a sort of divining tool to locate resources for their tribe. The dove’s connection to water aligns it with yin energy, emotions, and psychic ability. This bird mostly sings at dawn and dusk, the “between times” when there is a thinning of the veil between worlds and our levels of consciousness. Doves can evoke powerful feelings of release and emotional healing through their evocative cooing. They are also ground feeders, intimately linking them to Mother Nature and the growth and possibility inherent in feminine earth energy. 

Gems: Amethyst, lepidolite, calcite, black agate, pink opal, Violet Flame agate, and angelite.

Oils: Frangipani, frankincense, rose, honeysuckle, lavender, neroli, and sandalwood.

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