The Season of Seeds


November is the month of seeding, of literally harvesting and honoring seeds from the season before. Seeding honors the death of what was while tending the life of what will be. We seed right up until the land freezes and refuses to yield ground to us any longer, by her laws. Seeding is a ritual of promise and possibility. While autumn is not a time of manifestation or growth, it’s indeed a time of rich preparation, fertilization, and incubation. In fact, I think what I’m telling you now is a well-kept secret among those who “know” how nature works. While the rest of the world sleeps, we go inward and begin dreaming, planning, setting space, and visualizing all that will come when the sun returns. One group releases while another gathers. One group slumbers while another stays awake. And both are silent about their choices. So, no one learns from the other.This blog is an invitation to stay awake with me. And begin seeding now, in the season of seeds.

Tiny ideas that gestate in the far corners of your mind are gifts from your spirit guides, whispers from your ancestors, and aspects of your soul contract yearning to be made material and thus fulfilled. Most people ignore their tiny ideas or honestly never notice them. The minutiae of the mundane becomes a grand set of distractions from purpose and promise. The dearth of resources forces a focus only on survival. Seeds require spaciousness, silence, and stillness to emerge. And so your work this fall season is to learn how to gestate, how to become pregnant and experience internal growth. External growth is visible to the human eye. It is something you can brag about and share with your friends in social media; but internal growth – which isn’t visible so you can’t record or reward it – is required for external growth. However, the secret is this: You can grow internally and externally at the same exact time. In the west, where we continuously ignore the laws of physics in support of dated mindsets, we insist upon linear thinking. A+B=C. But that can happen while B+C=D and C+D=E. Your internal growth from last season manifested this year and now your internal growth of this season creates a wealth of possibilities for 2020. You are always planting, always gestating, always cultivating, always harvesting. Life is cyclical, not linear. Once you internalize this wisdom you will open an entire set of doorways for yourself. Cyclical wisdom is at the core of shamanic practice. Learn this truth and you catapult to a new level of knowledge about how this magnificent universe really works and has always worked.

So can you manifest all year long? Of course you can. But it’s not all work. Some of what I’m manifesting in November, for example, was born as a seed last year at this time. And that is why November is as powerful a month for manifestation and prosperity as May, but for different reasons: In May, it’s fulfillment of desire; in November, it’s planting of desire. Two sides of one immaculately beautiful coin, and a shining example of the Hermetic Principles of Polarity and Rhythm. We are always flowing from one pole to the other. If you’re in shadow now, you’ill return to the light; if you’re in weakness now you’ll return to strength. If you’re seeding now you’ll manifest what you sow. And yes, you’re seeding now whether consciously or subconsciously. Take care to avoid seeding what you don’t desire through your words and actions. Become conscious of the process. Stay in dialogue with the universe and constantly refine, hone, and iterate what you seek. Learn that it’s okay to do this out loud and remain sane. You’re learning the ancient secrets and how to practice them. 

And stay with the questions. What are you seeding on these dry days when the winds blow and scatter the surface of the Earth, shifting our view and urging us in new directions? Maybe your womb is full and fertile, ready to incubate life; but if your womb is empty, consider conceiving with me. Let’s implant new ideas together and see which of our embryos ‘take’. Some will grow and flourish while others may not continue the path. But we’re better for having loved and tried, for having encouraged life to live through us than simply resting and waiting for someone else to do this sacred task. Who better than you, and what better time than now?

For those who are awake, there is no slumber because we did not come to sleep.

Amen, A’ho, So it is

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

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