How to tap into and not betray your intuition


How to tap into and not betray your intuition by Wen Peetes

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Before I share the promised title of this post (How to tap into and not betray your intuition), I am called to tell you about an encounter I had as a child. Far away from my sand-speck of an island, called St. Kitts, it happened while I was visiting my aunts in New York.

I was on summer break from school. And my aunt Verna and my mom and I were on a bus trip. We were traveling somewhere in Philadelphia.  And it was to be a proper adventure in the magical wonderland of trees.  While sitting on the coach bus, I was secretly giggling at the mosh of wiggly accents. As I was slipping in and out of a gumbo of chatter and laughter, I kept spying between the endless trees.  Sitting on that big bus, I was hunting for any sight of deer or bears. They were fantastic creatures I’d read about. You see, there were no such animals in my country.  Then suddenly, in the blink of an eye, the view before me disappeared. And all sound was sucked from sound itself.

Inches before me, I saw a car. It was silently tumbling and canon-balling the highway. Then, out of nowhere, sound came crashing in.  Tires were screaming.  There was a crackling, a smashing that was like the sound of house roofs being ripped, then slammed by angry hurricane winds. As if recovering from whiplash, the car abruptly stopped. Now, standing next to the driver side of the car, I could make out two people inside. That’s when I saw him.  Kurt.  My dear friend. He was sitting in the passenger seat. With his eyes closed, he was resting softly. And I just knew he was no longer alive.  

Then, I was squeezing my eyes. And shutting them tightly, trying to return the nightmare to its maker.  Next, I was gasping for air. Suddenly, I could hear my mother’s roaring laughter in the distance.  Opening my eyes, I was utterly confused, because I was still on the coach bus. And Philadelphia’s trees were waving to us up ahead.  A few weeks after returning to St. Kitts, I found out Kurt had died that summer, while visiting his family in the US.

Although what I experienced that summer in Philadelphia didn’t have a name, I knew it was “real”.   But, because that experience was so bewildering, terrifying, and illogical, I dared not tell a soul. And you may be wondering: How could a child have been so certain that she was not dreaming, that day on the bus in Philadelphia?  It’s because I actually FELT the experience.  

How to tap into your intuition

Now, we have returned to the promised title.  I believe we were all born with a divine intelligence that defies logic, reason and even dogma.   And this inner intelligence wakes us up in the morning, without the need for an alarm clock.  It brings us lyrics to a song we have not heard in decades.  This inner wisdom nudges us to call that friend, just because.  And it whispers a warning in our hearts, to make a left on the next street, instead of a right.  Some refer to this “magic”, as the sixth sense, instinct, gut, a feeling, or an inner knowing. According to me, it is a spiritual messenger who cares deeply for you. It is simply our intuition. It provides sacred information.

From my seven plus years of coaching women and from my personal experience of self-healing, I’ve come to understand that some people don’t have to “do” much to tap into their intuition.  For those souls, their intuition is ever sharp and communicative.   And yet for some of us, we must do some extra holy work. 

You see, my intuition and I “parted ways” for about 10 years.  Then, in my late 20s, during a glorious spiritual awakening, my intuition literally saved my life. That’s when a sacred message was deposited into my spirit. I share more about that life-changing event in my new book, inner child healing.

Since that event, every single day I intentionally tap into my intuition, by quality-listening.  This quality-listening is part of the intuitive healing method I teach to my clients, so they can break-up with doubt. It helps them to tap into their intuition, their divine inner intelligence. This daily tapping is akin to practicing scales on the piano.  Or strength training.  And this spiritual muscle-training is what nourishes the quality of your “listening” to your intuition.  It allows you to trust the messages that are revealed through this listening.  That is, the messages transported by your emotions and what you feel.

You see, many of us were taught to distrust our emotions, our feelings. And in so doing, we judge ourselves for tapping into these sacred WIFI signal.  And then what happens?  We discredit them.  And for many women, we are scolded for being “too emotional”. Listen, our emotions carry sacred information.  They are doing the holy work of putting us into contact with our intuitive design, our spiritual essence.  Through this contact, we are better able to tap into our intuition. 

So, how do you make contact?  You learn to quality-listen to your emotions and your feelings.  And when you do, you exercise, and you strengthen that trust muscle. And then, you throw logic out the window.  Yes, I said that. Because the thinking (conscious) mind will work overtime to talk you OUT of trusting your sacred messages, and to distrust yourself.  For this thinking mind, is a servant of logic.  While logic and reasoned explanations are important, they do not nourish intuitive “tapping”.  You see, this duo cautions you to wait for proof before you trust and before you act. They train you from childhood to value only what “others, whose opinions matter”, say is valuable.

So, what is that “contact” through which you can tap your intuition?  It is a soul-felt feeling that is so clear, pure, clean, and powerful, that you trust it.  With your whole being, you trust that feeling that “others” had trained you to betray, since you were a child.  And sometimes, it’s just you and your “God” inside this trust-fall. 

Tempted to betray your intuition?

Dear readers, life is the ultimate game called change.  Yes, curve balls will come.  We will deal with grief, unemployment, prosperity, joyful moments etc.  And our journey through life will test our commitment to keep trusting ourselves and our intuition.  Occasionally, when things don’t go as planned or, if our loved ones disappoint us, we will look for somewhere to land blame.   

In those moments, you may feel the pressure when impatient choices show up before you.  You will wonder if you should stay true to your values or if you should do the socially acceptable “thing”. That is, to abandon yourself and instead, to trust “others”.  In that tight space, you may be tempted to sedate yourself for the extra cookie or glass of alcohol.  And the weight of this choice may bring a heavy tension that courses through your body.  Although you may not want to feel this tension, it is bringing you sacred information.  And it’s working so hard to put you into contact with your intuition.

Here’s what I learned from that spiritual awakening, I mentioned earlier.  Your feelings direct the choices you believe are available to you.  And ultimately, they direct your actions. The more you quality-listen to the wisdom living inside your feelings, the more you strengthen self-trust.   And then, with this soulful self-mastery, you deepen your ability to tap into your intuition.  As a result, you are able to make powerful decisions, so that you do not betray your intuition. 

Listen, it is so much easier to be a sheep. To follow what everyone else is doing.  Because the illusion of being accepted and liked by everyone, is just that. You may be afraid that you may be laughed at – for being “different”. That is, for trusting your intuition and yourself. So, in those moments of temptation, I invite you to ask yourself two questions:  

1)    Where do you spend most of your life – in your outer world or your inner world? (Inner world refers to your thoughts, feelings, what you believe to be true and how you behave).

2)    Where to you spend most of your feelings?

You see, your relationship with yourself is the heartbeat of your soul, the foundation for everything you experience.  And ultimately, you are the expert of your life.  Only you, know what’s truly best for you.  

If you allow them, your feelings can become your magnetic lighthouse.  Because in the ginormous ocean of logic, dogma and the temptation to doubt the songs of our souls, our home awaits us. 

So, here’s another love-soaked question for you: Do you yearn to live the life you never want to run away from?  If your answer is yes, then I invite you to go all in.  Give yourself full consent, to quality-listen, to trust and to accept your full self; to celebrate your soulful belonging. And then what happens? You will keep light-housing yourself to your divine homecoming.  Because, in this space, you will keep tapping into your intuition and break-up with the temptation to betray your intuition.


Wen Peetes is a coach, mentor and speaker who helps women become powerful decision makers, so they never have to doubt themselves again. She is the author of “Inner Child Healing: Heal Your Wounds. Train Your Mind. Create A New You” releasing on Jan. 11, 2024. For more, please visit

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