Rare Pricey Pineapple Retails for Nearly $400, Goes Viral


As we head into Memorial Day weekend and the summer season, if you hope to indulge in one popular fruit to fend off the heat, it will cost you.

A particular pineapple is causing quite a buzz this season after supplier Fresh Del Monte began selling it for $395.

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The Rubyglow pineapple, grown exclusively by Melissa’s, is a mix between a normal pineapple and a Morada pineapple (that’s usually inedible).

The fruit, which was previously only available in Asia, features the pineapple’s typically yellow center with a distinct ruby red colored outer shell. The rare fruit went viral and has now completely sold out.

A look inside the pineapple. (Melissa’s)

“A rare gem, 15 years in the making, the Rubyglow boasts a unique lineage born from meticulous cultivation and traditional crossbreeding,” per Melissa’s website. “Melissa’s is proud to be the only distributor offering this extraordinary fruit.”

Fresh Del Monte, the fruit’s distributor, said that only 5,000 pineapples would be available for purchase in 2024 and another 3,000 will be available in 2025. The fruit is grown in Costa Rica.

“Its extreme exclusivity — only a couple hundred were brought to North America — paired with its striking red outer skin and sweet, yellow interior, led to a quick sellout,” Jesus Rodriguez Calvo, Del Monte’s SVP of North America sales told TODAY. “We already have a waiting list for the next batch of the luxury fruit and love to see consumers’ excitement. We anticipate Rubyglow pineapples will become available again in early August and around the December holidays for gift-giving season.”

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It remains to be seen if the popular fruit will go up in price — after all, exclusivity is sweet.

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