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I am giving you a heads up. You may no longer hijack my wisdom for very long.

I am no longer afraid of you as I have been in the past, so you will be getting a lot less air time.

You are at different times, respectively, a drifter, a ruminator, an analyzer, a judge, self-righteous, a know-it-all, an assessor. You are a relentless planner with expectations for my life and other people’s lives, an incessant commentator on just about everything and everyone.

Your foundation is based on fear.

But I see the innocence in it. You mean well in the ways you come up with, in the name of protection. However, that is no longer needed.

Love can do a much better job. It is a much better way.

I want to live now from the best of myself, which can only be found in love, in presence, in peace.

It is there I find everything I need, the answers I’m looking for, enveloped in truth, brilliance, simplicity, joy, completion, perfection. This is what I truly want.

I will however, give you a part you can play, a role you may like.

You can be my alert system, letting me know I have moved away from my home, my true self, my beautiful heart.

The scatteredness, the fear, the confusion, the muddle that you bring, will be your way of alerting me I have stepped onto the wrong train. And you have no power over me.

When I see and feel this, I can patiently wait, get off at the next stop, step back onto the platform—make another choice–and hop onto . . . OK, I’ll say it . . . the love train. The love train unfailingly takes me where I want to go.

But I will very much appreciate you for being a wonderful reminder of where I truly want to be, how I now want to live my life . . . from the best, truest, most beautiful part of myself.



Randi Suskin is an Advanced Certified Life Coach, and both student and teacher of A Course in Miracles. She specializes in one-on-one coaching, facilitates workshops, and a weekly Course in Miracles study group on zoom. Randi has been dedicated to the study of spiritual teachings for over 32 years. Her certifications are from the Foundation of Holistic Coaching. She has completed Dr. Robert Holden’s professional life coach trainings, as well as his Success Intelligence and Spiritual Resilience Masterminds. She is presently very much enjoying working with her current mentor, world-renowned transformational coach Michael Neill. Her Bachelor of Science degree is in Psychology. Learn more by visiting her website LifeCoachingByRandi.com or Life Coaching By Randi on FB.


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