Sage Goddess 5 Ways to Invoke More Love in Your Life


Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, it’s essential that your path is met with self-love. For positive, healing changes to take place, I encourage you to start from a space that is abundant in self-worth. Not only will this mindset attract outside forces acting in love, but you’ll feel more confident in deciphering what type of love is right for you. Now, there are several different types of love, and while they’re separate in their own expression, they all relate back to your divine source of wisdom and spirituality. In this blog, I’ll touch on some of the common types of love and share 5 ways to invoke more love in your life.

When it comes to love, you may automatically think of romantic love or Eros. We place such high hopes on meeting our soulmate, but to pinpoint this energy, we must first direct our love inward. By understanding the love we desire, we can better attract this energy in others. Love can also be exchanged with friends, known as Philia. While this bond is vastly different than one that attracts a romantic interest, a true friend bond can stand the tests of strength and duration in ways unique only to a platonic companion. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, is Agape, which can be described as an unconditional, divine love for humanity. The ancient Greeks described Agape as selfless, unconditional, and spiritual love – it’s the kind of love that Source offers to us. This love essentially includes the flow of energy as oneness, such as the love felt when committing a selfless act like volunteering your time.

The Heart Chakra is the center of your energy and resonates throughout your entire body – much like your physical heart. Love for yourself and others arises from this chakra, along with compassion and affection. When your Heart Chakra is balanced, love flows easily along with a sense of hope. There are several ways you can activate your Heart Chakra, including aromatherapy, crystal healing, and exercise. Check out this blog for more ways to open your Heart Chakra. No matter what kind of love you’re seeking to enhance in your life, there are many ways to attract and receive it. I’m going to share five ways to get you started, but don’t stop there.

5 Ways to Invoke More Love in Your Life

1. Love yourself first

The fact that you’re already underway on your spiritual journey is an excellent step in self-care. Meet your self-healing work with kindness above all else. This is the first step before eliminating negative energies and harnessing that which serves your own purpose. We take care of the things we love, and when you love yourself, you fill yourself up with love so you can share it with others. Your abundance of love carries over into everything you do. A willingness to learn and grow for yourself will undoubtedly navigate a path to higher understanding, and your body will certainly thank you.

2. Reflect with care

When reflecting on past relationships and energies you’ve experienced, it’s important to meet those memories with compassion. Accepting and releasing the past helps you open your heart to love now. Love can guide you to try new experiences, and even if you don’t stand by those decisions in the present moment, it’s healing to forgive and cut emotional cords that keep you stuck in old energy and patterns. For this process, I recommend working with pink tourmaline, a Heart Chakra crystal that heals the heart like no other and deepens your sense of trust in the universe. It promotes wellness, receptivity, grace, and unconditional love. Pink tourmaline will help you meet the depths of your heart with care as you reflect and move forward.

3. Be present

Bring your best energy to each day – a vibration of love in abundance. Show up wholeheartedly, be alert, and hold space for yourself and others. Being present makes you available to feel and receive more love. For optimal presence and focus, make friends with ruby zoisite – the stone of life force. This gem is about love and growth and the balance of both. Ruby and zoisite grow naturally together and they’re the perfect combination of fire and earth energies. Ruby zoisite also transmutes negative energy into positive energy.

4. Look forward

Whatever experiences your heart has endured, there’s an abundance of love endlessly surrounding you. Much like a spiritual practice, love calls us to stretch ourselves and see from new perspectives. There is more love in your present and future than you can ever imagine! Look forward to the love that awaits you, in all its expressions and forms. When you’re ready to see it, it will be there. Rose quartz is a great stone to help you open your heart to love in a big way. It’s considered the universal stone of peace and unconditional love. In particular, rose quartz embodies unconditional Agape love. It harnesses love for self, others, and all of creation. The transcending power of rose quartz is sure to open your Heart Chakra, reawaken trust, and dissolve negative energies. It magnifies love and represents bonds that transcend time and space. Rose quartz will support your intentions to give and receive true love and deep affection.

5. Move with love

Act with love, and love will find you. What does it mean to move with love? There is definitely not one answer, but some examples are showing compassion, helping others, listening with an open heart, sharing, caring, and being kind. Consider what love looks like, sounds like, and feels like. Can you be more of that in your day-to-day life? Truly, love has no definition, so there’s no limit to how it lives in and flows through you. Move through each day in the space of loving grace, and you will attract this energy in return.

In Closing

I hope these words meet you and your Heart Chakra with compassion and understanding. May they guide your heart to what is meant for you, and remind you that each day brings new opportunities for growth. Reflect on your past with care and forgive the mistakes you’ve learned from. Most importantly, love yourself, every quirk and facet of your physical and spiritual energies, because they have brought you to the present moment. You are where you’re meant to be. Never stop growing, never stop learning, and never stop loving. And so it is.

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