Sage Goddess 5 Ways to Nurture Your Divine Masculine


Sex and gender are standard terms conflated by society to sustain the two rigid boxes of male and female. When you break it down, a person’s sex is typically defined by the label assigned at birth, based on their sex chromosomes, whereas gender refers to how a person identifies on the inside. When we think about gender roles, we immediately draw from our understanding of biological traits rather than masculine and feminine identities, limiting our perception of shared natural energy. Divine Masculine and Feminine energies are a part of all of us – it’s not determined by the sex assigned at birth. These universal energies have nothing to do with gender identity. They’re fluid and evident in nature across many species. True masculinity is assertive power and action, while true femininity is creation and intuition. And we all have both within us. In this blog, I’ll share 5 Ways to Nurture Your Divine Masculine.

The Divine Masculine represents consciousness itself, that which never changes. Through the Divine Feminine, thought and inspiration come into form. Everything that changes is feminine – our cycles, seasons, and bodies are feminine forms. The Divine Feminine is connected to the moon, water, and earth, while the Divine Masculine is connected to fire and air. The feminine curves, swirls, and flows around the steadfast masculine. It’s intuition and emotion while the masculine is courage and reason. Masculine energy propels us forward – it’s the force that gives while the feminine receives. 

Sexual and cultural gender constructs can be harmful because they force men to suppress the Divine Feminine within, just as women suppress their masculine qualities. The secret to wholeness lies in the balance. This Father’s Day, I’m inviting you to consider the role the Divine Masculine plays in your life. Understanding and honoring the Divine Masculine within us helps change the way we approach that dynamic and very necessary energy.

5 Ways to Nurture Your Divine Masculine

1. Be a father to yourself

I challenge you to turn the lens inward and examine your wounds. Think about the male figures in your life. Were they supportive? Think about your male friends, romantic partners, or siblings – is there a pattern? Sometimes, we have hidden blocks preventing our growth. Be a father to yourself and dig deep with logic and action. Place those wounds under a microscope and think about how masculine energy has positively and negatively impacted your life. Forgive the past as needed, and celebrate the good. Not for anyone else, but for yourself. Although we can’t physically go back to fix and change the events that created the chasms, we can do so energetically, freeing ourselves and the people in our wounding story from the pain and guilt.

2. Engage your inner warrior

The Divine Masculine is your inner warrior – capable of standing up for and protecting you. Great warriors strategize and fight with their minds instead of the brute force and domination our society correlates with masculinity. The Divine Masculine is about inner strength. Where do you need it most? Is your confidence or self-esteem wavering? Do you feel vulnerable to your daily struggles? Embrace your Divine Masculine and face your issues head-on. Take up boxing or martial arts, or lift weights. It helps to align your physical body with the energy you wish to emanate. 

3. Teach your children to be kind and bold

To cultivate healing between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, we must also teach our children to embody both. By teaching our children to hold qualities of kindness, empathy, and acceptance, while also remaining adventurous, assertive, and bold, we show them that the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine don’t take away from one another – they feed and strengthen each other. Doing this for your children can be a daily reminder of your Divine Masculine power as well.

4. Correct your posture

Seriously, it’s that simple. Stick out your chest, straighten out your back and shoulders, and tilt your chin up a touch. How do you feel? Confident? Secure? That’s what it feels like to embody masculine energy. If you find yourself feeling a little run down or nervous throughout the day, correct your posture. Sometimes it helps to visualize the Divine Masculine. Imagine it as the backbone to the feminine, moving in straight lines and angles.

5. Take action

It’s helpful to recognize when you’re holding back your desires and gifts out of fear or doubt. Without action, your dreams, creations, and ideas never reach their full expression. Your intuition will knock on your door at some point, telling you that your gifts are ready to be seen and felt by the world. It’s time to answer if you’re ready. Don’t let fear or doubt get in the way of your happiness. Harness the Divine Masculine to bravely make a move and claim your destiny

In closing

The feminine and the masculine do not exist without each other, and bringing them into balance has the profound power to heal. Integrating the two energies brings us into harmony with ourselves, the earth, and the entire universe. From the deepest space in my heart, I wish you a Happy Father’s Day. May this day reflect the Divine Feminine and Masculine union and bridge new beginnings of peace, trust, and possibility.

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