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Every month, the Sage Goddess community honors the phases of the Moon, particularly the New and Full Moon, and her sacred, luminous mystery. But the magic doesn’t stop there! I recently discovered a National Geographic article about why sometimes the Moon appears in different colors in the sky — from peach to burnt orange and even lavender. My curiosity was piqued, so I dove down the rabbit hole, and the magic I discovered was so profound that I HAD to share it with you!

Through modern scientific observations, we know that the Moon never really changes its actual color — and the Moon’s color, if we were standing on her surface, is described as a ‘pearlescent grey.’ However, from our vantage point here on the Earth, it appears to shift colors regularly, sometimes several times in a single night! Different natural phenomena within our atmosphere can cause this — water droplets, dust, and even volcanic ash. They cause the light of the Moon to refract or bend as it passes through our atmosphere, illuminating a specific section of the spectrum of color visible to the human eye.

However, I knew within my soul that there was more to it than this, and it turns out the ancients thought so, too! As well as placing great importance on events such as the Full and New Moons and lunar eclipses, Greek and Egyptian papyri talk about the significance of the color of the moon — particularly to oracles and augers (augury was a profession based on predicting coming events such as floods, droughts, thunderstorms, and even earthquakes by interpreting naturally occurring phenomena).

I was so excited about what I discovered that I had to share it with you immediately! Let’s take a closer look at both the natural explanations and the ancient magical practices associated with the changing colors of Luna.

A Peach Moon most often occurs as the moon rises and reflects the sun setting on the opposite horizon. It’s believed to be followed by the promise of fair weather.

  • Romani women would gaze at the rising peach moon and whisper messages through their right hand, curled over like a trumpet, to be taken to their loved ones traveling far away.
  • A Peach Moon is associated with affection, love, compassion, and optimism. It heralds a time of emotional healing and encourages us to enjoy the companionship of those we love and life’s simple pleasures.

A Blood Red Moon occurs when the Earth passes between the Moon and the Sun and cuts off the sunlight, causing a lunar eclipse.

  • A spiritually intense time when the unseen is revealed, as reflected by the ancient Mesopotamian practice of hiding the king away and replacing him with a substitute during a Blood Moon Eclipse so the king wouldn’t come to harm. As the eclipse ended, the true king would be revealed among feasting and revelry.
  • During this time, we become aware of the influence others have on us and can see them in a different light. We’re also challenged to feel more of ourselves. 
  • When we see with more awareness and objectivity, we can let go of what isn’t serving the soul and align more deeply with our highest, most authentic selves.

A Yellow Moon is due to the reflection of the Sun’s light on the Moon’s surface on a fine and clear evening, most common in the summertime.

  • Brings energies of joy, self-empowerment, self-worth, confidence, and optimism.
  • Heralds a time of abundance and prosperity.

A Burnt Orange Moon is far deeper in intensity than a Peach Moon. It is generally the result of dust, smoke, or ash in the air. Augers believed it to foretell drought and wildfire, but it could also be a sign of a volcanic eruption happening far away.

  • Combines lunar magic with the element of fire, bringing strength through rapid transformation.
  • A Burnt Orange Moon is associated with passion and a lack of inhibitions. It brings energies of festivity, creativity, and empowerment.

A Brilliant White Moon is most commonly seen in winter, when ice particles in the atmosphere reflect every color in the spectrum, resulting in pure, white light.

  • Was thought by augers to precede a frost or snow in the coming days, especially when seen with a lunar halo — a large bright circle around the Moon.
  • Many ancient cultures would perform divination at the time of a White Moon, as its light was thought to reveal the future, particularly if you managed to catch its reflection in a bowl of water.
  • Brings in energies of purification and cleansing. It shines a light on situations where you feel confused or hesitant, illuminating the best path.
  • Aligns you with your highest good and creates clear communication with your guides, guardians, and angels.

A Blue Moon is usually the second Full Moon of a calendar month. However, sometimes the Moon herself can take on a bluish hue. It happens when ash particles of the same size — slightly wider than the wavelength of red light (0.7 microns) — block red light waves so that only blue light can be seen. This is usually caused by volcanic ash, notably observed after the eruption of Mount St. Helens and Mount Pinatubo, and more recently since the 2022 eruption of Hunga Tonga–Hunga Haʻapai in Tonga.

  • Ancient Romans believed that you should pick night-blooming flowers and seasonal berries under the light of a blue-colored Moon to bring in energies of abundance, love, and beauty.
  • A blue-colored Moon is an excellent time to manifest new career opportunities and wealth, set long-term goals, and begin new projects.

A Lavender/Purple Moon happens when the Moon takes on a softer hue at sunset as the light refracts less toward the red end of the spectrum. Augers would forecast the first frost based on a Lavender/Purple Moon.

  • A time for self-care, self-love, nurturing, and gentleness. 
  • Brings in energies of peace, stillness, self-reflection, and contemplation. 
  • Supports you as you access higher realms of consciousness through dreams and meditation.

A Black Moon is when the Moon is not visible in the sky either due to being a Dark Moon (the phase right before the New Moon before the first sliver of a crescent can be seen) or heavily overcast weather.

  • A reminder that even when we can’t see the Moon, her power is still there. 
  • The perfect time for shadow work and working with the ancestors. 
  • Work with this Moon to build your inner reserves to carry you through the dark times of the year, honoring the light within you that guides you even when times are challenging.

In summary

The changing colors of the Moon have captivated people for centuries. While modern science explains the phenomenon, ancient cultures attributed magical properties to each color. The Moon’s colors were believed to signal specific energies, and their appearance was used for divination and predicting coming events. The different shades of the Moon, from peach to burnt orange, blue, white, and lavender, were all associated with specific energies and symbolism. Observing the Moon’s color can be a powerful tool for manifestation, introspection, and connecting with the Divine. The ancient wisdom of lunar color magic reminds us that we are connected to the cycles of nature and the universe, and there is always magic to be found in the world around us. And so it is.

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