Tell A Tale: The Forgotten Pages


Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was a small village. The village thrived in the heart of a big jungle. Surrounded by the majestic mountains and in the shade of green trees, the villagers happily lived a life of bliss. 


All of them were used to their robotic daily tasks and none of them had the imagination or the will to try something new, except for one girl named Hannah. Very few people in the village could read let alone write, and Hannah was one of them. Her parents had made sure that their only child gets everything possible.

Hannah was an adventurous spirit with an imagination far beyond her time. She loved to explore and would spend hours in the woods looking for new things. She loved to create stories in her head and used to imagine herself as one of her characters. 

One afternoon, when Hannah was on one of her adventurous quests, she came upon an abandoned cottage. The cottage looked very old in its condition.

Broken Cottage
Broken Cottage

The door was barely hanging and the wood was chipping away. Even though Hannah’s mother had strictly warned her not to go wandering in abandoned places, her curiosity got the best of her. 

She tip-toed slowly to the door and slowly opened it and she was left stunned. In front of Hannah was a room full of books! Books glistering in the dust, basking in the warm sunlight just waiting to be explored. Hannah’s excitement was visible on her face as she jumped up and down with glee!

Curious Girl
Curious Girl

Hannah gasped as she realized that she had found a hidden treasure. She knew in her heart that she had to read all of them so she quickly got to work. She dusted the books, the shelves, and what was left of the furniture. Hannah broomed, and sweep, and dusted all day long until she realized that it was dark and she had to go back to her home. But the books, oh she couldn’t get herself to leave without at least reading one. So Hannah picked two books and decided to read them at her home. 

She met her friends on the way home who were intrigued by what Hannah was carrying. In her excitement, Hannah shared everything with her friends. She was thinking that her friends will share her excitement but instead, she heard roars of laughter! 

Hannah was confused by this reaction and a little hurt too, but she did not give up on her books. She went home and all night long, she read the adventurous tales hidden in the book cover. The next day, she quickly gulped her breakfast and made her way to the cottage again. 

Hannah devoured the books. They were too interesting filled with stories about different creatures. Each page was just an adventure waiting to be embarked on. Hannah’s imagination took her to a world of talking animals, mystical creatures, and daring nights. She read about characters who challenged adversity with their determination and characters who strived for good. 


The little girl was so inspired by the books that the characters and the stories within them became her mentor. She learned the power of love and friendship, and that the true strength lies within one’s own heart!  With the good in heart, she decided to share the tales with the people of her village. 

She knew it would be a difficult journey, but she wanted to share the gold with everyone. She wanted to ignite the sparks of curiosity and imagination in her peers. Making this her mission, Hannah started telling tales every day at her cottage. She added her own touch of curiosity every now and then to different stories making them more interesting. 

In the start, only her very good friend, Sanuki, and her family came to the readings. But the word of her famous tales spread rapidly causing more and more people to come to the readings. Seeing the interest of her own people, Hannah started writing stories of her own too!

Soon, the word of Hannah’s storytelling spread to far-off towns. People traveled from different places to just listen to her stories. Everyone would gather around Hannah in awe as she told her stories. The old cottage was no longer withering away as people from her own village helped her build the cottage again. They transformed it together into a sanctuary of adventures and imagination. 

Listening To Stories
Listening To Stories

Hannah reminded everyone through her tales of the importance of human connection, empathy, and love. She helped the lost find their destined path. She conducted workshops in which she taught her fellows how to read and write. Hannah was their mentor and everyone adored her.

Hannah continued her mission throughout her life. She was remembered and lived in her stories even after she was long gone. She became a beacon of hope, a reminder for everyone that even in the dustiest corners, there can be a hidden treasure. And that treasure is not always gold, it can be a tale simply waiting to be shared. 

books are treasure
Books Are Treasure

And thus, the forgotten treasure lying in a withering cottage transformed into a world of infinite adventures and possibilities. Hannah’s passion and dedication blew life into the tales and her words breathed new life into countless souls. 


The takeaway of this story is that the real power to bring about change lies within our own hearts. There is a wealth of creativity in all of us just waiting to be explored. And that no matter what you are good at, sharing your skill will not only help you but also be a ray of hope for someone who struggling to find their way. 

The story encourages us to embrace our abilities no matter how different they may make us. It teaches us that if you are determined enough, there is nothing that you cannot achieve. We create our own narrative so do not let anyone ever tell you who you are or who you should be. You and you, and that’s who you were always supposed to be. 

So embrace the difference and set your heart free. One never knows, a big adventure might just be right around the corner for you too.

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