The Autobiography of God


An Eternal Love Story

Clay was piled on top of Clay until a lifeless shape appeared on the ground. The entire garden came to a halt to take in the spectacle. Cherubims and Seraphims ascended and flew, stretching their wings.

Several eagles perched on the nearby rocky cliffs to take in the scene.

Materialists will fall in love with God, he promised. “You were designed to love Me, the universe, and to reflect My glory in the heavens, because that is how you were made. In Ps. 19:1, The only difference is that this one will be able to make his or her own decisions based on what I have decided.

The silence was deafening as something unseen, a seed, was extracted from the Creator’s body “Seed of the woman, it is known as “Man.”

Holy Spirit protected the seed until Messiah was born (Gen. 3:15). The silence of creation was broken only by the screams of the frightened creature.

Then the angel said, ” “Is it possible for him to “choose not to love?” The work of God has been completed!

I’ll show you when you come.” In the future, God and the angel were free of the constraints of time. See the fruit of man’s seed, which can be both sweet and sour.”

Angels have never seen anything quite like this before; the angels gasped at what they saw. His heart was warmed by the affection of the Adams family. His ears were filled with the laughter of Eve and her daughter, his eyes were drawn to the food and burdens that were shared, and his heart was filled with wonder at the warmth.

Lord, this is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever made. Heaven has never seen anything like it.”

It’s time to see the bitter side of things, now that you’ve seen the sweet.”

The two of them were enveloped in a foul odor. The angel screamed in disbelief:

“What’s this?!” Only one word was uttered by the Creator. “Selfishness.” Having never seen such filth, rotten hearts, ruptured promises, forgotten loyalty, or children of creation wandering blindly in lonely corridors as they passed through centuries of repugnance, the angel stood speechless.

There was a choice to be made here, right? asked the angel Yes, but the creature (creation) was subject to vanity, not by choice but because of the One who subjected it in hope. Rom. 8: 20.

Are you going to be forgotten?


“Won’t they ever return?”

There will be some who do and others who don’t, but in the end they’ll all do it. When I say, “Return you children of men,” I mean it literally. The third verse of Psalm 90. “No one can stand in my way.” Rom. 9: 15-22. Only one person can be in charge at any given time.

“What will it take for them to pay attention? “, I wondered.

Eventually, the Creator arrived at a tree that would one day serve as a baby’s cradle, and he could smell the hay and the dung that would surround Him even then.

His gaze fell on another tree that stood alone, its trunk thick and strong, a stubborn ruler on an otherwise barren hillside. With another step into the future, he stopped before the tree. As soon as they had finished cutting it up, they were going to hang it from another hill, and soon after that, Jesus would be nailed to the cross of that hill. His back was yet to be covered by the wood. Hands that had yet to be formed by the nails piercing his skin. Crown of thorns driving through his skull, which had not yet been fashioned into its final form

The angel asked, “Will you go there?”

“I’m going to do it.”

Inquiringly, “Is there no other option?”

‘No, there isn’t’

“Isn’t it simpler to avoid planting the seed of man altogether? Wouldn’t it be more convenient if the man didn’t have to make a decision?

The Creator said, “It would,” in a measured voice. To take away the ability to make a decision, on the other hand, is to take away love. He surveyed the landscape and imagined a scene of three crying-out figures dangling from a cross with their arms outstretched and their heads bowed in the wind.

In John 19:18, Jesus tells his disciples that he is crucified in the middle of two thieves.

The trio was surrounded by men dressed in military garb, who sat on the ground and played games in the dirt with them. Arrogant and cocky men in religious garb stood to one side, smiling and boasting that they had done God’s work by killing this false one. One by one, females in mourning are gathered at its base. With their mouths quivering and tears streaming down their cheeks, they tried to lead his mother the other away, but she wouldn’t budge.

“I’ll stay,” she whispered softly. “I’ll stay,” she replied.

Heaven and Earth were in awe of the Creator, but he did not command them to intervene.

This has to be done…” He said, and then walked away.

The cry that He would one day scream was audible as he traveled back in time.

God, My God why have you forsaken me?

Sheathed in the pain of tomorrow, he writhed in agony. “It would be less painful,” the angel said again.

The Creator’s voice was soft and hushed. “But even so, a man wouldn’t love,” I countered. Once more, they entered the garden, and as the Creator gazed intently at the clay sculpture, a torrential downpour of love poured forth from Him. Before he created anything, He had already died for it. 8th verse of Revelation 13:8. The sculpted face was bent over by God’s form and he breathed. The new one’s chest rose, cracking the dark mud, the cheeks grew fleshy, a finger moved, an eye opened, and dust stirred on the lips. Those who were able to see the unseen gasped at the sight of the movement of the flesh.

There’s a chance that the wind said it first, and that the star’s blinking is a direct result of what it saw at that exact moment. As far as I can tell, “It appears to be exactly like Him!” Rather than focusing on the face, the angel was focused on the spirit, not the body. Ecclesiastes 3:21, 11:7

As the saying goes, “That this will never end!” There is no doubt in my mind that it is him! Another gasped.

God has sown a divine seed in every Redeemed man. a seed from which he grew Earth’s masterpiece was created by the God of Might. As a result of the Creator creating another creator, the One who chose to be loved created a being that could be loved in turn.

“Using my hands, I created the earth and put man on it, stretching the heavens and commanding their hosts. The Lord of Hosts says that he will build my city and free my captives, not for money or reward, and that he will guide him in every step of the way.” Bible verses from Isaiah 45:12-13

Because of Jesus, we now have a choice: Do we love our Father, the Creator? 

When Jesus tells his disciples that they didn’t choose Him, He doesn’t mean that they didn’t choose Him; rather, He means that He chose them and ordained them to go and produce fruit, so that “whatever ye shall ask of the Father in my name He may give it to you.” In John’s Gospel, verse 16.


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