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It doesn’t take much coaxing for cat owners to share this bit of wisdom: Their feline friends are magical. Yet, if you’ve ever found yourself on the wrong end of a cat’s claw, you also know that they’re mysterious, moody, and privy to an inner world that’s impenetrable to us mere humans.

So what is it about these pint-sized predators-turned-pampered house pets? What makes us weather the swipes and scratches of these inscrutable little souls? Let’s dig a little deeper and see if we can unlock the magic of cats.

The History of Cat Magic

The history of the domesticated cat stretches back to ancient Egypt, where cats were revered as symbols of good luck, protection, and fertility. They were associated with Bastet, the fierce, cat-headed goddess of the Sun. In Norse mythology, the goddess Freyja was depicted as riding a chariot drawn by cats. In ancient Greece, entire families shaved their eyebrows to mourn the loss of a pet cat.

In more recent times, the cat has become cross-culturally associated with witchcraft and the occult. In the early modern era, cats were symbols of heresy — a result of their fierce independence and refusal to be tamed. The cat’s quick wit, lawless attitude, and reputed ability to peer beyond the veil made it a favorite familiar of witches everywhere. A timeless icon, assisting them in their magical practice.

Today, many of us still refer to our cats as our familiars. They hold our secrets, watch over us as guardians of our space, and look on dubiously as we craft our own magic — carrying on a tradition that connects us with practitioners of old.

The Wisdom of the Cat

As our familiars, cats lend us their magical energy and grant us access to hidden wisdom. However, much of this wisdom is hiding in plain sight — it only requires a good, long look at our furry friends.

1. Trust your instincts

Cats are well-known for their excellent night vision, broad range of hearing, and acute sense of smell. They seem to have an almost preternatural sense of awareness. This makes them pound-for-pound some of the world’s best hunters. It also makes them especially adept at avoiding unwanted belly rubs!

The cat teaches us to rely on our own intuition and attune to our senses. Cat wisdom is all about knowing when to leap and trusting that you will land safely!

2. Make ‘me’ time a priority

If you’ve ever observed a cat happily in repose in a sunny window, you know that cat life is the good life. That’s not by accident! Cats are all about life’s little luxuries. If there’s a fluffy pillow, warm patch of sunlight, or spare treat lying about, your cat is sure to sniff it out and claim it as their own.

So when it comes to self-care, follow the lead of your cat and make ‘me’ time a priority!

3. Love thy neighbor (but love thyself more)

Every neighborhood seems to have one. That cat that trots down the driveway to greet you, happily weaving in between your legs in search of a few pets. They’re your best friend — until the claws come out and they’re not.

Cats are social creatures and can be extremely empathetic. There’s nothing like a warm cat curling up on your lap after a hard day. But they also know how to set boundaries and never give more of themselves than they want to.

As empaths, we could all learn to be a bit more like the cat!

4. Embrace duality

As mysterious creatures who walk between our world and the spirit realm, cats symbolize the balance between dualities. This can mean integrating light and shadow, feminine and masculine, inner and outer, action and rest, doing and being.

Working with cat magic is a great way to embrace your duality. It teaches you to explore and integrate your own inner mysteries just as a cat deftly traverses the shadows.

5. Play!

As much as cats love sleeping, ignoring us, or otherwise giving us their best WTF face, they also love to play. These adventurous, naturally curious creatures inspire us to tap into our playful nature. They encourage us to find the little joys in life. Like any cat will tell you, sometimes all it takes is a ball of yarn and a bit of creativity to make your day better!

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