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There are so many ways to work with energy for healing and to free ourselves from the bonds of negativity. We talk about these all the time in our spiritual circles, but most of us never really devote ourselves to putting them to use. We get excited learning about something new, maybe try it once or twice, and then go back to “life.” As our current circumstances are showing us, we can’t go back to “normal,” and most of us with any consciousness don’t want to.

We know there’s a better way. I’m here to tell you it’s time to DO and BE what you were born for, and it starts with clearing away those old negative patterns, thoughts, and emotions. In fact, you can do better than just moving it out of your way. You can transmute negativity into positivity by working with the Violet Flame. The Violet Flame, which I’ll tell you all about in the paragraphs that follow, doesn’t just remove energy or protect us from it…it transforms it.

The Violet Flame is key to individual and world transmutation. It restores freedom to whatever it touches – the freedom to move and flow in natural harmony. This is an “old” practice of spiritual alchemy that’s been waiting for us to realize its true worth. That time of realization is now: To heal yourself and the world with the Violet Flame.

What is the Violet Flame?

Throughout time, enlightened beings have come to us in the form of saints, shamans, sages, and master practitioners of the sacred arts. These masters understood how to work with the Violet Flame, but it only came to be shared with us by Saint Germain, a master alchemist who lived during the 18th century. Saint Germain is known as the luminary of the 21st century, and he believed light is the alchemical key.

The Violet Flame is a gift and tool for all of us, and its essence is spiritual alchemy. Just like some alchemists sought to change lead metal into gold, spiritual alchemists were committed to transmuting the lead of negativity into the gold of divinity. They practiced the alchemy of self-transformation – to raise the lower self to unite with the higher self – and they used the Violet Flame to do it.

The color violet has long been associated with spiritual energy. It’s physically and emotionally healing and brings ease, harmony, and spiritual growth. Violet corresponds with the Crown Chakra, our connection with the Divine, and the infinite compassion and peace of Source. Violet has the highest frequency in the visible spectrum, and what’s beyond violet is invisible to the human eye.

Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest scientific minds of the modern age, understood and worked with this higher spectrum through his studies on the Violet Ray, and he performed miraculous healings by using Violet Flame energy. The Violet Flame emerges from the Violet Ray, possessing the qualities of mercy, forgiveness, freedom, love, justice, and transmutation.

Through the Violet Flame, we can transmute all negativity, especially our negative thoughts and emotions, and free ourselves from pain and suffering. The Violet Flame equals joy; the joy that arises when we overcome the limitations we’ve placed upon ourselves. The Violet Flame frees us from karma, as it transmutes time and space. 

How does the Violet Flame work?

The Violet Flame changes the energetic vibration of things. Vibration is one of the Hermetic Laws or Principles. Everything, including thought, emotion, reason, and desire has a vibration. The only thing distinguishing one form of manifestation from another (matter, mind, and spirit) is the difference in vibration.

Vibration rates and modes vary. Spirit has the highest frequency (imagine a wheel turning so rapidly it appears to be still). And at the other end of the scale, form with super low vibrations can also seem to be at rest. In between the highest and lowest, there are millions of varying degrees of vibration.

The mind can be transmuted from vibration to vibration. Imagine heat. Hot and cold are degrees of the same thing and we all have experience changing the thermostat setting. We can reproduce mental vibrations, just like recreating color and sound. Reaching higher vibrational levels and different degrees liberates certain forms of energy from their confinement of molecules, atoms, etc.

The Violet Flame is spiritual energy, the highest frequency. It raises and frees up energy, especially anything that’s become stuck, heavy, and sluggish. Those who have learned to change the vibrations of energy forms are said to perform “miracles,” and that’s what the Violet Flame can help you do.

Working with the Violet Flame

You can Google tons of info on the Violet Flame, so if you want more, it’s there for you. But right now, I don’t want to get complicated or too prescriptive because that can get in the way of actually working with it…and doing it consistently. Here are three easy ways to consciously bring the Violet Flame into your life.

3 ways to bring on the Violet Flame 

1) Invoke it within yourself by saying: “I AM the Violet Flame.” Say it as often as you think of it. Leave yourself a reminder to come back to it. Feel yourself embody it. Saint Germain gifted us with this knowledge, but it’s just as much yours and mine. Anything of Spirit is All of us, which means it’s within you just as much as without. Call it forward and let it radiate through you.

2) Visualize the Violet Flame. Imagine a violet pillar of light surrounding you and extending above, below, and all around you. Feel it coming from your heart, expanding and growing in momentum. Imagine it multiplying and then send it out into the world. You can even see the entire planet through a filter of purple, protected and healed in the Violet Fire.  

3) Go purple crazy! I’m being funny, but it works. Just wearing purple, taking a bath with amethyst crystals in it, painting the walls violet, sleeping in purple sheets, using a purple pen, or activating your Crown Chakra taps into that spiritual light. It’s all Violet Flame-invoking, especially when your intention is there. It’s no coincidence we LOVE purple here at Sage Goddess. Surround yourself with it and share it with others. It’s easy to light a purple candle, send a purple card, add a purple heart emoji, or change your text to purple. If you want to learn more about chakras and chakra healing, check out my book, The Ultimate Guide to Chakras.

It may seem like we don’t have everything we need, and that COVID-19 is taking us over, but it isn’t true. We have long neglected to tap into our true and eternal resources. The Violet Flame is just one of them and it’s not going anywhere. The more we slow down, listen, and clear the interference we’ve become accustomed to, the more we remember. Thank you for being a part of this remembrance. May it heal and bless you and all of us. And so it is.

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