Timeline Perspective


Timeline Perspective

Are you happy with all the different areas of your life? What about the old you, would they be happy with the way your life is just now?what about your future self?

Here’s a different approach to try to find out how happy you are with the different areas of your life.

The Timeline perspective is learning to look at all the areas of your life from all of your different timeline perspectives. It is looking at yourself from the past, the present and the future.


Why would you use the timeline perspective of yourself?

I believe consciousness is an amazing aspect of human life and I also believe we can access consciousness from all ourselves; past, present and future. It may have a memory which we can tap into. I see consciousness as being a split up into different clouds and each consciousness cloud can be tapped into, should we wish to use its knowledge.

I am working with the theory that these clouds of consciousnesses can be tapped into simply by thinking about tapping into them. For example, if we want to tap into psychic consciousness all we have to do is think about having psychic experiences, we have to believe that it will happen, read about it let it consume us and sure enough psychic experiences will come.

I believe this is how the ‘Law of attraction’ works. We think that the law of attraction works, we eventually believe it will work and eventually it will work. It takes a giant leap of faith to believe
it but once it starts to help us in our day to day lives the law of attraction will work a lot quicker. So we are tapping into the law of attraction cloud.

Timeline cloud

Just as there may be clouds of consciousness for everything we can think of and some we have yet to think of we have clouds which pertain to us specifically. Within these clouds we can access our past consciousness, our present consciousness and our future consciousness.

I will discuss these clouds of consciousness in future posts as I am playing with the theory and trying to experience it as much as possible before formulating any concrete belief. This is the beauty of checking out all of my current beliefs it’s great to play with them , dismiss them and formulate my own, instead of someone telling me this is what you should believe and anything
else is just stupid or crazy.

We are all under someone else cloud of consciousness to one degree or another. We have a cloud of consciousness from the government and we are expected to play by certain rules. We have a cloud of consciousness in our social groups and are expected to behave in certain ways.

Why not make our own cloud of consciousness.

Try it out

Okay here’s an example to play with and check out the timeline perspective.

Look at one specific area of your life just now for example your career.

Ask yourself these questions and be as honest as you possibly can. Let the answers come to you if you can and try and let everything that comes into your mind come out onto the paper or the computer. I will use my answers by way of an example. I am currently a support worker for the homeless; I have not yet made the transition to full time life coach or seminar speaker and internet entrepreneur.

My example

Are you happy with your current career? Yes, I am extremely happy where my career is just now as a writer and online trainer.

Think back to yourself 1 year ago, would that person be happy with your current career? – I think they would be very happy.

Think back to yourself 5 years ago, would that person be happy with your current career? Yep, I always wanted to become an author and help others.

Think back to yourself 10 years ago, would that person be happy with your current career? Yep. They would be a little shocked as it was hard to think doing what I loved would be a possibility.

Now think of yourself 1 year from now, is that person happy with your current career? Yes, but he wants it to move on and to write more books and possibly start a business with his wife.

Now think of yourself 5 years from now, is that person happy with your current career? Still happy but he knows there are more books to write, and needs a more solid business plan for his own business. Also the business with his wife should be well underway by now.

I think you get the picture now.

What I found most interesting about this exercise is that I believed I would be happy with this career in all aspects of myself: past, present and future. However when I came to answer the questions about different aspects of my life it was really surprising what my past thought about my present and what my future thought about my present choices.

Accessing our future self

Now you might think ‘how the hell can we access our future self’. For a moment think about what you are going to do tomorrow, possibly get up to go to work, think of the work you will do, the people you will talk to, etc etc. You have just accessed your future self. You always have to
access your future self at some point. The moment you wake up you are accessing your future self you have to think about what you are going to do before you do it.

This was a great revelation to me when I discovered it, and it is by no means a new revelation:

You ALWAYS have to think about your future before you do it.

I will leave this post here for now as there is so much more to say on this subject and I will be talking about it a lot in the future.

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