Two Guided Resources to Help You Live a Fulfilled, Empowered Life


For many of us, setting goals is easy. Bringing our visions to life is a lot more challenging. And since we inevitably encounter obstacles and self-doubt when we try to do anything new, it can be hard to stay focused, motivated, and confident in our potential and our dreams.

I remember back in my twenties, before I started Tiny Buddha, I set and abandoned goals countless times because I wasn’t clear on what would be meaningful for me personally. I just knew I felt behind in life and pressured to succeed, which made it hard to choose and stick to anything.

If you’re struggling on your path like I did, fortunately, you don’t need to travel it alone.

I’m thrilled to introduce you to two guided journals from Tiny Buddha contributor Antasha Durbin Solomon that will empower you on your journey to success—helping you gain clarity on your goals, understand what it takes to bring them to fruition, and provide you with a structured path to follow.

**You can get free sample pages for both journals here!

Book One: Are You on the Right Track? A 101-Day Guided Journal from the Universe

Get ready for a daily dose of inspiration! This journal features heartfelt letters from the Universe, thought-provoking quotes, and carefully crafted journal prompts tailored to daily themes.

Whether it’s focused on forgiveness, gratitude, or living with purpose, each entry will gently guide you in the right direction.

If you’re to release past programming and push past personal limits so you can live an extraordinary, empowered life, this journal is for you.

Get your copy here.

Book Two: How to Create a Vision Board that Actually Works

Unlock the power of visualization with this three-part journal. It’s designed to walk you through the vision boarding process, ensuring complete clarity about your deepest desires and showing you precisely how to turn them into reality.

With 200+ cut-and-paste images, inspirational quotes, and insightful prompts, creating an actionable vision board is easier than ever. This how-to guide will help you find clarity, set a plan of action, and overcome procrastination, taking your dreams from concept to reality.

In the interest of full disclosure, I was skeptical about the idea of manifestation in the past because I wondered if it would encourage attachment to specific desires and outcomes. But I’ve come to realize that many of the things we want are actually things we need. Connection, purpose, physical wellness—we all need these things to be our best selves and to make a positive impact on the world.

Antasha has created a powerful tool to help us all meet those needs—one vision and one action step at a time.

Get your copy here.

Intrigued? Head over to Antasha’s site to get free sample pages for both journals.

I hope these powerful tools help you create lasting positive change!

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