Why Your Beliefs Are Formed By Seven Years Of Age


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A lot of people ask me when I’ve done talks and seminars, when I’ve said most of your beliefs are formed by seven years of age. A lot of people say, “That can’t be right. How can most of your beliefs be formed by the age of seven years old?”

Well, I’ve told you how beliefs are formed in the first place. Now, I want to go into specifically why your beliefs are formed by seven years of age. I’m talking about your root beliefs, the root beliefs you have about yourself. Your personal beliefs that you have about yourself, and how you look at the world

Brainwave Patterns

From birth to the ages of about seven years old, we have a different brainwave pattern from what we’ve got just now. So our brainwave patterns, when we are born up until the age of seven years old, goes from a stage of theta to alpha. So, we’re kind of going through a stage. Okay, you’ve got four different brainwave pattern stages. These are the main ones, delta, theta, alpha, and beta.

So right now, you’re watching this video. You’re probably in a beta brainwave state just now. That means your brainwaves are going like 100 miles an hour. You’re thinking about all the things you’ve got to do, you’re thinking about work, about the kids, to pick up the kids, you’re thinking about what you’re going to have for dinner, you’re thinking about going shopping. You’re thinking about lots of different things, and you’re not relaxed. Usually, it’s in a heightened state of awareness, so you’re in beta stage. This is not conducive for the formation of new beliefs to be formed nor for getting rid of old limiting beliefs. That’s what most adults are in. We’re in this beta stage brainwave pattern.

Theta to Alpha Brainwave Pattern

From birth up to the age of seven, we go through theta up to alpha. Now, alpha is a brainwave pattern where we’re kind of relaxed, chilled out, almost in a meditative state, and right the way back to theta, where we’re in a really relaxed state of mind. And it’s like you’re almost daydreaming, sleeping. So, that’s the stages we go through from birth to seven. Obviously, the older you get, the higher your brainwave patterns start to go through.

This is why children are able to pick up things just like sponges. So whatever you say to them, they remember things. If you give them an iPad or something, they’re easily able to remember it, how to use it, and they can work it almost instantly. And they just pick up things very, very quickly because they’re in the state of mind whereby everything is just learning for them. They pick it up. They remember it, and it just stays inside their brain.

What You Say to Your Children is Extremely Important

That’s the reason it is so important as parents to remember what to say to your kids, not to remember what to say to them, but just be mindful of what you’re telling your children. So, never tell your children, for example, “You’re stupid. You’re an idiot,” things like that because it sticks. It stays with them, and they start to believe that and start to develop that belief. Just be very, very mindful of the way you talk to your children, even after the age of seven years old as well, but particularly up to the age of seven years old.

This is to do, as I said, with the brainwave patterns. And the alpha stages from about 7 Hz to about 13 Hz, and the beta stage stages from about 13 Hz to about 30 Hz, and below that, you’re going below 7 Hz. This is why children, and this is why we formed most of our beliefs by the age of seven years old because we’re like sponges before we’re seven years old. And it’s to do in conjunction with this brainwave pattern.

This is how we develop our beliefs and how they stick with us as well. And it can be difficult to get rid of them. It’s only now are we starting to realise that this is a fact. And only now are we starting to realise we need to change our beliefs if we want to get on in the world. So, it’s really interesting when you look into the psychology behind it, but this is why we have the beliefs we have. This is why they’ve been formed by the age of seven years old.

Your Brainwave Patterns

Here is a graphic to illustrate just what happens in each stage of the brainwave patterns:

brainwave patterns and how they relate to your beliefs being formed by the age of seven

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