You Matter to Me


I want you to know you matter to me.

In a world filled with noise and superficiality, this may seem like just another statement. But, it’s not. I mean it.

You matter to me. And I wanted to take an article to make sure you know that.

Whenever I sit down to write, I have you in mind.

I don’t write for a faceless crowd, to rank high on Google, or with a clickbait title just hoping to drive clicks to a website. I write for you—individuals who have made an intentional choice for simplicity and a life that resonates with authenticity and meaning.

You matter to me because you are trying to live the best life that you can live—just like me. You want to be an engaged parent, a better friend, a more effective leader, a better neighbor, or a more engaged member of your faith community—passionately active in the lives of the people around you.

You’ve determined there are more important pursuits in life than material possessions. And so you are here, reading these articles and these ideas, because you value life’s quality over the quantity of stuff in it. And so you inspire me.

You pursue owning less to elevate your greatest values. So do I.

You matter to me because of the bold steps you’ve taken to embrace a countercultural lifestyle, working hard to push back against a culture that surrounds us and begs to acquire more and more.

You are here because you have decided life is too valuable to waste chasing and accumulating material possessions. Why else would you be reading this blog except that you dream of something bigger and greater.

That matters to me.

And you matter to me.

Please know that I work hard to show up for you with messages that inspire, motivate, encourage, and challenge all of us—myself included—to live an intentional life focused on things that matter.

I think a lot of times these types of messages can fall into, “I appreciate you because you support my work and allow me to do what I do.” And while that is true, that is not what I am saying today.

This is about me articulating something I don’t say enough: I truly care about you.

It means a lot to me that you are part of this community. It means even more that you have the courage to show up and live in alignment with a philosophy that values authenticity over acquisition.

My role in the world, as I see it, is to encourage and inspire people to own less and live more. That’s my passion and my commitment. As you read these articles every week, you are an active participant in this mission. You represent a change in the world—a shift in priorities and passion.

In this journey towards minimalism and intentional living, I want you to know that you are seen, you are appreciated, and you matter.

You are more than a comment or a message in my inbox, you are a real person, flesh and blood, on the other side of the keyboard sending me that message. And I read them all.

And for that reason, I care about you.

Even though we’ve never met, I want you to know today, and every day, that you matter to me.

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