100 Simple Ways to Immediately Improve Your Life


Not every positive change in our lives needs to be a large one.

Sometimes drastic changes are helpful—quitting smoking, becoming minimalist, changing careers.

But sometimes, just a simple change has the power to improve our lives and send us down a new path.

Small changes require less planning—and can often be implemented right away.

With that in mind, I sat down and wrote out a list:

100 Simple Ways to Immediately Improve Your Life

1. Wake up 15 minutes earlier.

2. Drink more water.

3. Take a 10 minute walk each day to clear your head.

4. Take some deep breaths.

5. Listen to uplifting music.

6. Read 1 chapter in a book.

7. Make a 3-item to-do list every morning.

8. Write down 3 things you are thankful for.

9. Turn off the television earlier in the day.

10. Meditate.

11. Turn off social media for an extended period of time.

12. Go to bed earlier.

13. Stretch in the morning.

14. Spend time in conversation with a loved one.

15. Text an old friend just to say hello.

16. Build in breaks during your day using the Pomodoro Technique.

17. Keep a 3-sentence journal.

18. Find time for solitude.

19. Eat more vegetables.

20. Cancel one unnecessary commitment.

21. Give more compliments.

22. Practice good posture.

23. Spend some time volunteering.

24. Declutter one space.

25. Floss.

26. Make your bed.

27. Recall a memory with a loved one who has passed.

28. Choose a healthy snack.

29. Watch a TED Talk.

30. Smile at yourself in the mirror.

31. Smile in public.

32. Say “It’s going to be a great day!”

33. Take a shower.

34. Do something kind for someone else.

35. Listen to a podcast.

36. Spend time with your pet.

37. Take a power nap.

38. Do some push-ups and sit-ups.

39. Write down a positive affirmation.

40. Listen to nature.

41. Clean off your work desk.

42. Turn off your phone notifications.

43. Delete a distracting app.

44. Send a hand-written thank you note.

45. Take a different route home.

46. Take one photo every day.

47. Practice a hobby.

48. Eat protein for breakfast.

49. Create a vision board.

50. Find a new recipe with some of your favorite ingredients.

51. Donate to a charity you believe in.

52. Hug your spouse a little longer.

53. Say “I love you” a bit more often.

54. Drink a cup of tea.

55. Sit with both feet on the floor.

56. Stand in the Superman pose.

57. Speak your opinion.

58. Watch the sunset.

59. Spend time with plants.

60. Turn off negative news.

61. Laugh.

62. Call your mom or dad.

63. Make a list of your strengths.

64. Give thanks before your meals.

65. Spend time with people who inspire you.

66. Write a letter to yourself.

67. Do a Sudoku puzzle.

68. Say “nice job” to someone at work.

69. Take a break from sugar.

70. Find a new positive personality to follow online.

71. Wave at your neighbors.

72. Clean your kitchen.

73. Create a morning routine.

74. Play a game of Chess.

75. Post a positive message on social media.

76. Unsubscribe from an email list.

77. Teach your kids an age-appropriate chore.

78. Leave a positive online review for your favorite restaurant.

79. Reminisce with a family member.

80. Sing along to the radio.

81. Give yourself an extra 10 minutes to drive to your next destination.

82. Text encouragement to your child or a young relative.

83. Visualize yourself at your favorite vacation spot.

84. Do a word game or puzzle.

85. Get 8 hours of sleep.

86. Turn off your phone an hour before going to bed.

87. Leave work at work.

88. Give yourself an evening off from emails.

89. Gaze at the moon and stars.

90. Turn on music while cleaning up after dinner.

91. Discuss the best part of your day at dinner.

92. Dance like no one’s watching when no one’s watching.

93. Moisturize.

94. Research updates on your favorite band/artist.

95. Check tomorrow’s schedule before going to bed.

96. Pray.

97. Use sunblock.

98. Do one load of laundry.

99. Predetermine your outfit for the day.

100. Wear comfortable shoes.

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