12 Simple Ways to Create Good on the Internet


“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

When we spend time on the Internet and our devices, we use our energy in one of two ways: creation or consumption.

When we create, we write emails, produce videos, post photos, record podcasts, write reviews, do work, use the Internet for good.

When we consume, on the other hand, we scroll mindlessly, watch videos, listen to podcasts, play games, browse shopping sites, laugh at memes.

There is nothing wrong with a certain level of consumption—especially when it is beneficial to us. But when there is excessive consumption, too much of our time is wasted and life is frittered away. Not to mention, this is when many of the negative effects of Internet usage begin to appear.

As a society do we spend too much time consuming online? I’ll let you decide.

According to the most recent statistics:

+ The average Internet user aged 16 to 64 spends six hours and 58 minutes online per day.

+ On average, Americans check their phones 344 times per day (once every 4 minutes).

+ 47% of us self-report being “addicted” to our phones.

Rather than using the Internet and our mobile devices for mindless and excess consumption, we would all be wise to use it intentionally.

Not just for consumption, but for creation. And not just creation, but creation for good.

Rather than complaining about the state of the Internet, let’s be the change we want to see online.

Here are 12 Ways We Can Create Good Online:

1. Send an encouraging email or private message to a friend.

2. Teach something you’re an expert in.

3. Post encouraging images or pictures that inspire others.

4. Send a text to someone who is lonely.

5. Share an article that’s insightful.

6. Recommend a movie, restaurant, or book you recently enjoyed.

7. Draw attention to a cause you believe in. Or better yet, start a fundraiser for it.

8. Communicate the needs of others, such as a neighbor who is sick and could use pre-made meals.

9. Write a positive review for a local business or a friend’s new company.

10. Click “like” or write kind words on a friend’s post.

11. Share real-life photos of your life that seek to connect rather than foster jealousy.

12. Post pics of belongings you want to give away.

The Internet is a large place with carefully-designed temptations for mindless consumption at every turn.

And there are never enough positive contributors to the Internet. So let’s all try to do just that.

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