Beautiful Gifts Your Loved One Will Treasure for a Lifetime


After many years together, it can be difficult to find an original gift for your loved one – and, of course, finding a gift that is also timeless and meaningful is even more so!

Luckily, this year, you don’t need to resort to cliché presents such as socks or scarves.

Instead, look beyond temporary gifts that won’t make it to the next holiday period and focus on presents that last a lifetime. Short of ideas? Draw inspiration from the suggestions below!

Choose An Emerald Ring

If you and your other half aren’t ready to be engaged or have been married for a long time, an engagement ring might not be the right present. But this doesn’t mean that you’ll have to give up on the idea of wowing your significant other with a beautiful piece of jewelry.

From emerald rings in extraordinary styles to wonderful sapphire bracelets and pearl necklaces, there are plenty of metals and gemstones out there that can speak your feelings for you. Just make sure to check what ring size your other half wears before heading out for your shopping spree!

Gift an Artwork

If your other half is an art lover, gifting a painting, sketch, sculpture, or even graffiti might be a great idea! Not only art lasts forever, but the right artwork can boost the aesthetics of your home and grow in value over time, thus making it a valuable investment.

If you are not an art connoisseur, make sure to partner with a specialist who can help you authenticate the work you have your eyes on!

Plant a Tree

Looking for a gift that can make a difference and positively impact the environment? Look no further than a tree!

Of course, you might consider planting a new tree in your garden or land. However, thanks to the multiple organizations that operate around the world, you don’t need to do all the planting yourself and you can enjoy the feeling of having done something great for the environment.

For example, last year, nearly 62,700 more native trees were planted in New Zealand thanks to those who decided to give a tree as a Christmas present!

Organize an Adventure or Experience

Whether you are looking for a gift idea for an adventure-loving spouse or you have been dreaming about a holiday since the start of the pandemic, gifting your loved one with an adventure or experience to enjoy together is a great way to reconnect.

Dance classes, cooking courses, weekends abroad, or a flight on an ultra-light plane are just a few of the thrilling options to choose from. Although this gift might only last a few minutes to a few hours, the memories of the experience lived together will last a lifetime!

Sew a Patchwork Quilt

If you know your way around a sewing machine, you might consider getting started on a DIY present for your loved one – and creating a custom patchwork quilt might be the one-of-a-kind idea you were looking for.

For example, you might consider sewing together old t-shirts, bandanas, or fabrics that have meant something in your life as a couple. And, if you don’t know how to sew but you love this gift idea, this might be the perfect opportunity to learn the basics of patchwork quilting.

Put Together a Photo Album

If you have plenty of photos hidden away in a drawer, you should consider creating a custom photo album to share with your other half.

This present might seem a simple one at first, but it can bring back all the memories and moments you’ve lived together

Make a Charitable Donation in Their Name or Volunteer Together

If you and your loved one share a cause that is close to your heart, you might consider volunteering together or making a donation to a chosen charity in their name. While this gift might be indirect, it will bring benefits for years and decades to come.

Adopt a Pet (But Only if You Are Ready for It!)

Whether you have just lost your old pooch or you have always wanted to care for a cat, the holiday period might be an excellent time to grow your family. But, before taking this step, there are two important considerations to make: adopt, don’t shop – and make sure that you are both ready for this important step!

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