The Making of An Overcomer


God says

In order to deal with us and bring us to this level of maturity, the Lord places us in tough situations that force us to confront the reality of His purpose in us and mature as a result. “I will compass you around, hedge you in, close you up, strip away every prop, and remove everything from which you have relied on, trusted in, and derived your substance,” God says. Then I’ll put you through the most difficult trials, afflictions, and persecutions imaginable.

To transform you

In order to transform you into an “Overcomer,” I will increase the temperature of the furnace by seven times!” All our beautiful, cozy religious props are ripped away at once, and we find ourselves thrust into a world with which we are completely unfamiliar.

We have been cut off from everything that has kept us alive. Do not be discouraged, ‘Overcomer’! For a time, it appears that you will perish in the whirling waves — but your ‘Father’ knows that before you go down the third time, you will learn to swim!!!

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